Technical Support for MSDN Webcasts

I had a co-worker forward me a voice mail from Dan, one of our viewers today, who had technical issues on our live MSDN Webcasts, and wasn't able to contact us directly.  I'm digging into this today to try and find out why we were not able to help Dan resolve his problem. To those who regularly attend our Webcasts, I want to provide this friendly reminder that we offer technical assistance before, during and after the live webcast.

If you're experiencing technical difficulties during a live meeting webcast, turn your seat color red, and you will be contacted by one of our producers in the webcast.

If you have technical questions or need to talk to someone before of after the live webcast, you can reach our technical support staff by accessing the following url

You can also send us feedback by visiting the Contact Us site and filling out information there. Be sure to include your email address, and the contact us staff will track down an answer for you.

You can also email me directly at, or call me at 425-707-6912, and I will listen.


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