Sweepstakes winners for the Essential ASP.NET webcast series

Event Id

Title Date First Name Last Name
1032259770 MSDN Webcast: Introduction to ASP.NET (Part 1 of 15)—Level 200 11/09/2004 01:00 PM Sossena Negussie
1032259785 MSDN Webcast: ASP.NET Architecture (Part 2 of 15)—Level 200 11/16/2004 01:00 PM William Fink
1032259790 MSDN Webcast: Web Forms Development in ASP.NET (Part 3 of 15)—Level 200 11/30/2004 01:00 PM Fred Flagg

Here are the winners for the Essential ASP.NET webcast series. Fritz has 15 webcasts in this series, and that means there are 12 more opportunities to win on this webcast mini-series. Plus you get to learn about some really cool things about ASP.NET from Fritz.


George, MSDN Webcasts





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