Route64 Training Tour 2005

So if you guys liked the 64-bit windows Server webcasts series, you'll want to check out the Windows Route 64 training tour that is being launched by Microsoft, Intel and HP together. We're going to try and get developers in the US up to speed on what involved with getting your applications up and running on 64-bit platforms.

I got this from the registration website for the Route 64-bit training tour. This is what you can expect when you attend this hands-on training tour.

What is included:

All instructor training for the duration of the event. Technical support to help with porting applications  
Access to 64-bit hardware 24h during the event  
All training material distributed during the events (on DVD)  
Technical support during the training and after the training (through 64-bit developer portal)  
All the development tools and beta software for Windows 64-bit  
Discount on an HP 64-bit development system (details after the registration, at the option of the attendee)  
Preferred registration of application(s) in the Microsoft Windows 64-bit Catalog  
Co-marketing opportunities with Microsoft, HP & Intel  
Free registration to the Microsoft Windows 64-bit Developer Portal, Intel Early Access Program and HP Developer Solution & Partner Program.  
Free certification of 64-bit applications on Windows 64-bit  
Food & Beverage for the duration of the event

I'd recommend you watch our webcasts first before you attend so that you'll be better prepared for this hands-on workshop. 64-bit Computing on Windows Server Webcasts Series.


George, MSDN Webcasts


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