Essential ASP.NET Webcast Mini-Series by Fritz Onion starts November 9, 2004

So if you folks are tuning into ASP.NET webcast series, you'll understand why we're having Fritz do a separate mini-series around learning ASP.NET. Fritz is great at teaching ASP.NET to new web developers as well as those who are looking to fill in the gaps in their knowledge of ASP.NET.

So tune in on Tuesday, November 9, 2004 as this series kicks off. It's going to be another awesome webcast mini-series to help you get ramped up on ASP.NET. Fritz will take you through the fundamentals of ASP.NET and then gradually increase the complexity so after the series is done, you can start to use ASP.NET in your web development efforts. Folks, this is the deep dive on ASP.NET, so if you're looking to learn ASP.NET and not just from an overview standpoint, this is the webcast series for you.

Registration is live now at

Oh yeah, the sweepstakes folks told me to remind everyone about the bonus offering... For filling out surveys, your name goes into a drawing to win free copies of either the Microsoft Visual C# or Visual Basic .NET version of Essential .NET, one of the most highly-praised books available on ASP.NET. See official rules for more details. (US ONLY)


George, MSDN Webcasts

Comments (4)

  1. Fred Beiderbecke says:

    For mult-part webcasts, can you have a sign up for all button. Much easier than clicking on 15 things.


  2. Sam says:

    There’s no audio on part 1. Is MS going to resolve this??? I hope so, Fritz’s webcasts are really useful, but not so good without sound.

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