MSDN Events Online – The New MSDN Webcast Series August 2004

MSDN Events Online (not sure what else to call it, because it's the MSDN Events team presenting on MSDN Webcasts...go figure)


Every Monday - Friday at 9:00 AM PST, the mighty, mighty MSDN Developer Community Champions present on all things developer. Learn how hackers hack, what's in a namespace, and all about incorporating SQL Server Reporting Services into your applications. These guys are the real deal; the original .NET Prophets. So come check them out in August. I've got their August list of webcasts below. They're all held live and the recording should be available by the next day; unless we had technical difficulties with the recording or we forgot to hit the record button.


By the way if you like their webcasts, you need to check out their MSDN Events in your local area. Free candy, popcorn and free learning all rolled together. Afterwards, you should check out their .NET Pub Clubs, where they take you out for free beers. Heck, it’s like you're back in college hanging out at the local university pub with the prof after classes having a beer! I hear they've even hired Rory Blyth from .NET Rocks as well to present on MSDN Events and Webcasts; so register early for MSDN Webcasts. Seating is limited to the first 1500 attendees per live webcast.



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