How to download Microsoft Webcasts

Thanks to Stuart Gunter and Janco Wolmarans for find a shorter way to download Microsoft Webcasts. The below is from Stuart's blog. I've modified the instructions some to make them easier to follow:


  1. IE6 SP1
  2. NeTransport 1.90.267 NetTransport (freeware from )


1. ) Go to the Program guide for developers website:

2.) Open an ondemand webcast as normal. For example go to:

3.) When you get to the live meeting wrapper, Right-click and View Source in notepad to find the following line of code: var WMFileName    = "mms://";

4.) Copy the url; all you need is the URL. in this example:  mms://

5. ) Open NeTransport and paste as new job URL into NetTransport and it works great!

Just make sure your firewall has the necessary ports open, otherwise it won't work. Thanks again to Stuart Gunter and Janco Wolmarans for sharing this with us.


Georgeo Pulikkathara, MSDN Webcasts

Comments (24)

  1. David Cumps says:

    Nice solution! I’ve been doing the same thing by using "wget" 🙂

  2. Hi, exists some Webcast created in Microsoft Producer. In this cases can’t use your approach. Do you have other suggestion in this cases?


  3. Scott Woodgate's Business Process and Integration says:
  4. MSDN Webcasts を offline 視聴用に download 手順リンク

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