Microsoft TechEd 2004 Webcast Series

Webcasts are a great way to get up to speed on new tools and technologies. This year we hosted over a hundred new webcasts in April to get folks ready for TechED 2004 in beautiful San Diego, CA. This way you can watch our MSDN Webcasts, and get the background prep work for when you get to TechEd 004. That way you can ask more engaging questions and get more value for the time and money you invested by going to TechEd 2004. If you haven't see our TechEd webcasts series, check them out. We're planning on doing the same thing for shows such as Dev Days, PDC and TechEd 2005, so tune in.


Georgeo Pulikkathara, MSDN Webcasts

Microsoft TechEd 2004 Webcast Series
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