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After reading blogs on everything from peoples daily lives to cool technologies, I decided to start my own blog. Fair warning though, all I really talk about here is webcasts, especially webcasts for developers. What's a webcast you say?  TechWeb ( defines a webcast as:





(1) To send live audio or video programming over the Web. It is the Internet counterpart to traditional radio and TV broadcasting.


(2) To send selected Web-based information (text, graphics, audio, video, etc.) to Internet users based on individual requirements.



In my humble opinion, webcasts are more than that. While I think blogging is cool, I think webcasting are the next killer app of our century. I think webcasts are going to redefine how we work, find information, attend schools, and generally communicate with each other. I think it can change our school systems to make teachers rock stars, but that's a whole story by itself. You're going to see a lot of cool things around webcasts and real time collaboration in the next few years. Want to see how Microsoft is using webcasts? Come check out MSDN Webcasts at  



MSDN Webcasts are live technical webcasts were folks that know what they're talking about discuss cool developer technologies. These webcasts are live, and interactive, and we get all kinds of smart folks on here presenting on a wide variety of topics. Everything from web development to speech technologies. Anyway, check it out when you get time. They're all live, but we also have the webcasts recorded and available if you can't make the live webcast.


Best Regards,

George Pulikkathara, MSDN Webcasts


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