Top 10 Developer Videos in 2015

CodeChannels posted top 10 developer videos in 2015.  A lot of things happened in the developer world in 2015.  Here are the 10 most-viewed dev videos of the year.

Microsoft has the following videos in the roster:


Keynote: Visual Studio 2015 – Any app, Any developer

Microsoft release Visual Studio 2015 this year.  Its release keynote has received 558,107 views.  The video provides a great overview packed with demos for you to get started with Visual Studio 2015, .NET 4.6 and Visual Studio Online.  (Visual Studio Online was later rebranded as “Visual Studio Team Services” in Nov 2015)



The New User Experience with Windows 10

Are you ready for Windows 10?  This video is part of the Microsoft Ignite 2015 conference.   It gives you a deeper look at the user experience and discover new features. Find out how Windows 10 makes you more productive, celebrates a new generation of apps, and unlocks the power of hardware.



Microsoft Build Day One Keynote Presentation

Build 2015 is the biggest developer conference from Microsoft 2015.  Its keynote has received 340,693 views. Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella describes Microsoft’s opportunity to Build the Intelligent Cloud, Reinvent productivity and business process and create more personal computing. Scott Guthrie explains how Microsoft’s Azure is poised to create the Intelligent Cloud. Satya explains how Microsoft Office is evolving to reinvent productivity. Terry Myerson explained how Windows 10 will create more personal computing with new bridges to enable developers to evolve their code into Windows 10 to enable phones, tablets, desktop, Xbox and Holograms.


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