Just Released: What’s New in Microsoft Script Browser & Script Analyzer 1.2

Microsoft has just released the 1.2 update of its Script Browser and Script Analyzer apps.

Since the apps was released half a month ago, they have received nearly 15,000 downloads.  The users provided numerous suggestions to enhance the apps.  Today, the team brings to you the 1.2 update of Script Browser and Script Analyzer.

Download Script Browser & Script Analyzer 1.2 
(If you have already installed an earlier version of Script Browser & Script Analyzer, you will get an update notification when you launch Windows PowerShell ISE.)


New Features

1. A standalone desktop version of Script Browser


2. New Cmdlets to manually load Script Browser / Script Analyzer when you need them

  • Enable-ScriptBrowser
  • Enable-ScriptAnalyzer
  • Disable-ScriptBrowser
  • Disable-ScriptAnalyzer

They even provided a cmdlet for starting the desktop version of Script Browser:

  • Start-ScriptBrowserDesktop

3. Largely improved Script Analyzer rules

The speed of the Script Analyzer is largely improved.

4. Bug Fixes

a) Improve the startup speed of Script Browser and Script Analyzer

b) Fixed a sample rating display issue

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