Top 5 Most Recommended Apps for Developers in Windows Store

Here are the top 5 most recommended apps designed for Developers in Windows Store.  


TOP 1. Code Writer

Code Writer is a free text and code editor app with active syntax highlighting that updates as you edit documents and has over 20 supported file types. A tabbed document interface allows for quickly switching between open documents.



TOP 2. Sample Browser

Developers live and die by code samples.  Provided by Microsoft, this app puts thousands of code samples, including the official Windows 8 samples, at developers’ fingertips.  You can search, download, learn, share and even request code samples from the app!



TOP 3. Snipppet

Snipppet is a powerful application for Windows 8 that helps you manage the most valuable pieces of code so you can reuse it later in other projects. The app is optimized for touch based interface, and is a perfect companion to browse your code on the go.



TOP 4. MSDN and TechNet Top Blogs

Top Blogs from MSDN and TechNet. Enjoy then in one place.



TOP 5. Channel 9 videos

Every developer working with Microsoft technologies knows or ought to know Channel 9 on MSDN. Channel 9 has a library of great videos and shows, ranging from C++ development over Azure, .NET and SharePoint, to more entertaining shows like This Week on Channel 9, and Ping!. Channel 9 videos aggregates several of these shows in to one app, where you can easily find and view the video streams of your choice.




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