Best practice for asking questions in MSDN newsgroup


1. How to get my question answered quick?

  • Create a new message, don't post a question of your own in response to another question.

  • Make the "Subject line" a short, relevant synopsis of your problem.

  • Before going into detail, clearly summarize the problem.

  • Make a concise, clear description of the problem.

  • Unless multiple problems seem related, do not mix them together, make separate posts.

  • When posting error messages, include the exact text in the error message. If there is a "Details" button, click it and copy/paste the error message itself into the post.

  • Tell if an error occurs when doing some action or using some particular software.

  • What changed in your system shortly before the problem occurred?   Knowing about a setting change or added software or hardware may be helpful in solving the problem.

  • Briefly describe your machine, OS, video card, CPU, amount of RAM, hard drive size and amount of free space.

  • Identify clearly the steps and procedures you have already used to try to fix the problem.

  • Proof-read and spell-check the post before sending.


2. Should I post confirmation after my issue is resolved?

It is useful to post back to the group afterwards, saying thanks and that a suggestion worked (or not).  That tells the group if it is a useful solution.


3. Where to submit a request for adding special NG into supported list?;en;1296&showpage=1&ws=msdn&sd=msdn&pa=msdnw


4. How to submit product feedback?


5. Where to ask if I have some license related issue? 

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  1. ... says:

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  2. ... says:

    luogo grande:) nessun osservazioni!

  3. ... says:

    Great site! Good luck to it’s owner!

  4. Vasanthy says:

    We have a windows application written in C# 2005 which uses 32 bit C++ dll.  It works well in 32 bit servers and in our laptops.

    Our application dont work, when we use the 64 bit server.  Third party vendors where we purchased the dll, asked us to get the 64-bit dll.  Compiled our application using their  64 bit dll, application worked.  Now our problem is, need to create a 2 packages depending on the dlls. Any suggestions how to achieve one package for 2 different dlls.  

    Is there any way we can reference these 2 dlls(32 bit and 64 bit) which is entirely C++ and run the application depending on the 32 bit vs. 64 bit?  Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your help,


  5. Bala Balaji Raju I says:

    Hi i am trying to connect to a SMS server but every time i try to establish a connection i am getting following error  [System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException] = {"The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA)"}

    The Code Line is as follows where i am encountering the error :

    this._smsConnection = new SMSProvider(this._serverName, this._userName, this._passWord);

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