How to debug application crash/hang in production environment?

A common tough scenario is the application crash/hang in production environment. Production environment is different from development environment that it normally does not have any powerful tools to obtain information regarding application failure. In this blog entry, I will talk about 2 wonderful tools to help collect information in production environment: Windbg and Process Explorer….


Amazing SSIS: Parameters in Execute SQL Task

  SQL Server 2005 Books Online and MSDN have provided many references on the new features of SSIS; however few references demonstrate how to use parameters in Execute SQL Task. I would like to share my experiences here to enlighten those interested and save them time.   This chapter introduces three examples explaining the usage…


Best practice for asking questions in MSDN newsgroup

  1. How to get my question answered quick? Create a new message, don’t post a question of your own in response to another question. Make the “Subject line” a short, relevant synopsis of your problem. Before going into detail, clearly summarize the problem. Make a concise, clear description of the problem. Unless multiple problems…


MSDN Managed Newsgroup Support Service Introduction

MSDN managed newsgroups are available in English to MSDN Universal, Enterprise, Professional, and Operating Systems subscribers to receive free technical support on select Microsoft technologies as well as to share ideas with other subscribers. MSDN Newsgroup Support Boundary In MSDN Managed Newsgroup, you may ask any question related to the development process. The supported newsgroups…