Subscriber Portal Performance Fix

Since the launch of the new portal, there’s been intermittent slow performance on Subscriber Downloads. Periodically the “Loading” dialog would last for up to 15 seconds. Thanks to all of you who reported this. Last week we released a fix and the issue is now resolved.

As always, please continue to send us feedback if you have any problems on the subscriber portal or ideas to improve your MSDN Subscription experience.



Comments (2)

  1. Chris says:

    Have you ever reduced the number of mirrors available? I'm in New Zealand and I've found that over the past year or so, the MSDN downloads have been significantly slower than they used to be (Office is currently going at about 80 kB/s). Was a change made last year (or maybe late 2010) that could have caused this? I thought it was just me but I've seen the same issue from three different locations now.

    A traceroute indicates that it's downloading from the US, whereas I think the downloads used to be mirrored in NZ through Akamai?

  2. Mike Kinsman says:

    Hey Chris,

    Actually rather than decreasing the amount of bandwidth in the system, we've almost tripled it over the past year.   I'm sorry that these improvements haven't seemed to benefit you, but given these improvements, the downloads team has asked me to engage with you specifically to troubleshoot your issues.  

    If you could, please reach out to me via the site feedback link at the very bottom of, this will get into my inbox and I'll collect some info from you directly.  



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