MSDN-Technet Subscriptions Beta to end on November 16

I want to let you know that the MSDN-TechNet Subscriptions 2.0 Beta will end on November 16.  The MSDN-Technet Subscriptions engineering team and I want to thank all of you who used the Beta and provided feedback; it’s been extremely  valuable to us.  Thank you!  We've learned a lot and made improvements based your comments, and we have more improvements planned.  We always welcome any feedback that you may have, now and in the future.  If you have used the Beta, please delete any bookmarks you've created for specific Beta pages to avoid broken links after the Beta ends.  We will be upgrading the 1.0 Subscriptions site to 2.0 in the near future.  You can expect more information posted here in the blog in the coming weeks.
Thanks again for all of your support.
Bob Vogt
Program Manager
MSDN-Technet Subscriptions

Comments (2)

  1. Meyyappan Palaniappan says:

    Now the site looks good and user friendly.

  2. DuckTater says:

    Too Late for feedback? Beta 2.0 was excellent, quick, easy to compare, quick referance, return to and fast

    also copy and paste text looked better using it. I prefer it over other quite alot.

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