Investigating Azure Downloads Issues

Mark Curphey here

We are actively investigating intermittent reports of slow download speeds and some files not completing their  full download size in some parts of the world. We made changes to the network yesterday and expect to make more later today.

We will be updating the @msdn twitter account with updates as they happen and our support folks are helping users in the MSDN Subscriptions forum.

Our apologies. We are actively working to get everything running and back to normal as soon as possible.

- Mark

Comments (6)

  1. This post is two days old and the problems persist. What's really going on? Could you at least give an update?

  2. I also got a tweet from @MSDN stating that the servers are working perfectly and there isn't a problem. They're kidding right? If so, its a REAL bad joke. I just tried 3 hours ago to download a 2.3GB ISO and it bombed out just less than 1 Gig. I get another tweet from @MSDN to contact my RSC. Another real bad joke. I've been in contact with them before, and they told me to post in the forums or contact my ISP for further assistance!


  3. Still no update?

    I phoned the UK MSDN support line today and their suggestion was to download the latest copy of FTM! Maybe someone should tell them about this change?

    How about updating those of us that aren't permitted to use Twitter due to corporate policy?

  4. duncan.mole says:


    This really is more serious than you guys seem to be taking it*. There's been no update to this post for 4 days now. What can you tell us?


  5. I am also having this issue. I have not been able to download a thing for 3 days now. Its incredably frustrating and the communication on the problem has been terrible – 4 days since this post was updated and nothing useful on Twitter. PLEASE give us an ETA or a workaround.

  6. Just checked again, still broken. Does anyone care?

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