The New MSDN Subscriber Portal is Live!

Mark Curphey here (@curphey on Twitter) I am delighted to say that we have just released the new MSDN Subscriber portal for all MSDN Subscribers. We used to RTM, we now RTW! The new portal is the culmination of a years worth of great work by my team (you guys rock!) completely re-writing the…


MSDN-Technet Subscriptions Beta to end on November 16

I want to let you know that the MSDN-TechNet Subscriptions 2.0 Beta will end on November 16.  The MSDN-Technet Subscriptions engineering team and I want to thank all of you who used the Beta and provided feedback; it’s been extremely  valuable to us.  Thank you!  We’ve learned a lot and made improvements based your comments, and we…


Update on the Azure download issues

Bob Vogt here. As Mark mentioned in his last post, we’ve been investigating the download issues that some subscribers have been reporting.  Along the way, we’ve made several changes the new network that have improved the experience for some but not all you.  As a result, we reverted to the older network this morning.  Those…


Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview – Now Available for MSDN Subscribers

Mark Curphey here (@curphey) We have just published the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview files live for all MSDN Subscribers – Files now live include Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview, Team Foundation Server Developer Preview and the .NET Framework 4.5 Developer Preview. Enjoy !


Investigating Azure Downloads Issues

Mark Curphey here We are actively investigating intermittent reports of slow download speeds and some files not completing their  full download size in some parts of the world. We made changes to the network yesterday and expect to make more later today. We will be updating the @msdn twitter account with updates as they happen…


Subscriber Files on Azure and Using The Internet Explorer Download Manager

Mark Curphey here ( @curphey). A few weeks ago I mentioned that we had made a decision to remove the additional download manager required for subscribers and were in the process of some engineering work to roll-out that experience to all subscribers. I am pleased to say that we have just deployed a new build…


Quick Update on Subscriber Downloads

Hey Everyone, Just a quick update today on that super-fast Azure CDN Mark was talking about in his last post.    Yesterday we moved some files over to use that CDN, and we made a few changes so that no Download Manager is needed to download these files.  When you download from Subscriber Downloads, if you’ve picked one…


A Quick Update on the New Download System and beta improvements

A quick update on my last post notifying users that we temporarily switched back to the old download system. After a lot of testing this week we think we have identified the issues we were experiencing and will be testing some prototype code this weekend. We don’t yet have a date on when we can…


Download System Notification

We are investigating some reported cases of intermitent issues in very specific circumstances with the new download system for MSDN & TechNet so have temporarily switched back all file downloads to the previous system. We don’t yet have an ETA on when the files will move back but we will post a notice here when our testing is…


MSDN & TechNet Subscriptions 2.0 Experience Preview

Mark Curphey here (@curphey on Twitter and on the web)  I am the Group Program Manager for the Subscriptions team here at Microsoft looking after the talented  and hard working Program Managers, Developers and Testers that bring you our Subscriptions services. Today we will start to gradually roll out a complete new site experience…