Windows 7 RTM bit now live on Subscriber Downloads



and alternate download location (through Akamai):



8PM Update

Early this evening, due to continued high demand for Windows 7 RTM bits, we made some changes to move traffic for the Enterprise and Ultimate bits over to Akamai. Some of you have noticed the Download links grayed out, but maybe did not notice the statement under the file name: "Please click Details for download information." In the file details are links to the Akamai downloads and a link to the Product Keys list page, to get the bits and keys. 




Comments (21)

  1. Jonathan says:

    Thanks for the update – will download and give it a go – looking forward to it.

  2. Steve says:

    Run out of Ultimate keys already? It keeps giving me an error…

    [Mike Responds:  For customers having key issues, keep trying.  We’re constantly adding keys to the system hour by hour today.  Thanks for your patience.]

  3. Regan says:

    can you still use the "Ultimate" dvd to install any edition of windows? or do we need to grab copies of each ISO now?

  4. SubscriptionsBlogger2 says:

    Regan – I am not exactly sure what you are asking, but let me try an answer that hopefully will help.

    Vista was released as a "combination" build, where one .ISO image contained several editions – Home, Home Basic, Business, and Ultimate. You installed any one of those Editions from a single ISO. Different Subscription levels received access to different keys, and the key informed which edition you should install from the image.

    Windows 7 is NOT a combination build. Every Edition is on a distinct ISO image.

    Hope that helps.

  5. NoCombinationBuilds says:

    Why did the "combination build" go away?  Is there a doc/url that explains?

  6. SubscriptionsBlogger2 says:

    The Subscriptions team does not generally have much visibility into the SKU strategy that the Product Group (Windows in this case) decides to go with. I do not know what went into that decision. You might want to try the Windows Engineering Team Blog. If they don’t know, they may be able to redirect you to a better source.

    Good luck

  7. Poch says:

    Hello, I noticed that the download link for windows 7 ultimate and enterprise are disabled. The only versions I can downloadright now are windows 7 professional ed and below. I’m an MSDN subscriber –  I thought MSDN subs have access and can use ultimate edition. I’d appreciate if someone can clarify



  8. Philip says:

    Will the RTM need to be updated once the general release is “released”?

    [Julie responds – NO 🙂 ]

  9. Martin says:

    The Enterprise and Ultimate Download links are missing from the Top Downloads Page. Is that because they are coded with Availability: MSDN Guest? What does MSDN Guest mean?

    [Chris responds: See the other notes about how to navigate to our alternate download location.]

  10. wombat says:

    Has Windows 7E been dropped? If not when will it be available for testing!

    We were told that it would be available when RTM was release.

    I know that we can Simulate the 7E experance by switching off IE but for final release product testing simulation is not good enough!

    [Chris responds: Please see this post:

  11. Sean says:

    I can get a license key for windows 7 ultimate but the download button is disabled? Any reason for this?


    [Chris responds: We’ve provided an alternate method of downloading through Akamai. Please see the details tab.]

  12. Paz Feraro says:

    The MSDN windows 7 RTM ISOS are corrupted

    Please Fix it


    [Chris responds: What leads you to believe this?]

  13. AbsCoder says:

    Win7x64Ult is not available under the subscriber downloads, nor the Akamai Top Downloads section like the 8PM update/details link states it should be. What gives?

    [Chris responds: I just tried it this morning at 7am and it worked fine. Please try again privately mail me (through my profile) if you have trouble]

  14. Brent says:

    I am seeing the same issue that AbsCoder mentioned.  The iso for Win7x64Ult is unavailable in either the subscriber downloads or the URL you posted above (same URL that is posted in the details section in the subscriber downloads).

    [Chris responds: There were issues with the above downloads for some of our customers. The links should be working now and a permanent fix is going out early next week.]

  15. ceeesquared says:

    i have to agree to what paz feraro said.  i experienced it myself.  i started downloading using the akamai downloader and when it was done, it said the ISO file was corrupted.  when i looked into my desktop (where i chose it to be stored), it was gone.  now im repeating my download using the transfer manager.

  16. tg2 says:

    I’ve tried both the MS FTM and the Akamai DM and both are reporting corrupt ISO once it’s been downloaded.

    [Chris responds:Please contact me priviately.  As noted earlier, the images on our servers are fine, yet there must be something happening during the transfer process that is causing your trouble.  I’ll get you in touch with someone to do some additional troubleshooting.]

  17. devang says:

    I’ve downloaded an installed w7 without any problems, however, the keys button is greyed out.  Any reason for this?


    [Chris responds: Check to ensure you are signed in.  If you are, then contact me privately and I’ll help you figure out the issue.]

  18. Tadeusz-TKS says:

    Ok. Here I am already signed in. My problem is , that I would like to upgrade my Vista

    Ultimate to Win7 Ultimate. I have Polish version of Vista, but I have installed English pack and switched all (including system) to English. This did not help.

    I need to make upgrade (not clean install and transfer of settings) because I am using

    some software (licenses) from other suppliers in my programs.

    [Chris responds: You’ll need to contact the helpdesk for answer to this question.]

  19. yazan says:

    hi, i already have window 7 rtm on a cd, but where do i get the key from ??? plzz help


    [Chris responds: You can get it from the “My Product Keys” page.]

  20. Anthony (@Dell) says:

    Ohh, the Win 7 Ultimate RTM rocks so much I’m running it on two boxes. It only took me an 1.5 hours to install on two machines. Fantastico!!! Nice work folks!

  21. GIMWD says:

    Hey, Is the max Windows 7 Ultimate Keys set to 10 ??

    I’ve 10 Keys now and is said to be the max , I can’t have anymore keys.

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