Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 – some more details for Subscribers

Several of you have asked for some additional details on the launch, in terms of waves and languages. Here you go:


The initial launch wave is expected to be primarily English Client bits, but is expected to also have some language packs, WAIKs, SDKs, DDKs, etc.


The next wave is expected to follow a week or two later, and should include French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese Client bits as well as Server 2008 R2 English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese bits.


A third wave is expected to start several weeks later, with more languages. Languages will be added to the site as they are released to the team, so over time. 





Comments (5)

  1. Piseth says:

    That’s great, thanks for the info…

  2. giuseppe says:


    I work in windows from about 20 yesars , and I have in my laptops 1 macbookpro too

    Windows have make some good version and some version not very good

    I think that the world in chanhing a lot with all opportunity of use  and don’ tand Ithimk that must thing

    then laptop in   a news vision!

    1) easy use!! /professional/brodcast and old men that have difficult  to use!!!!!  must  have the same channel !!

    more inuitive!!

    2) Estettic line ofthe  software is very important (the desktop is your home for hours in the day!!!!!)

    ……………in I’m not stop !!!

    Thanks and Regards


  3. Paymaster says:

    As an EMPOWERed company, we can’t wait for the bits to be posted on MSDN. We have a brand new product that will be able to work on Windows 7, for the benefits of our clients.

  4. archjinyi says:

    It’s better that the SDK comes earlier.

  5. Weber Ress says:

    very oool using Akamai Download Manager.. 341 KB/s in Brazil.

    Great news abot the SDK alreeady avaliable !


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