Some issues from last weekend’s release have been reported

Teams are actively working to resolve a few types of reported issues, most related to the MSDN Subscription Benefit Administration tool. An update will be posted on this blog once the issues are resolved. Please contact MSDN Support ( if you encounter issues with your subscription.

Subscribers will have limited site functionality this weekend [COMPLETE]

Due to scheduled release activities for the authorization systems this weekend, MSDN, TechNet, and Expression Subscribers will not be able to use any of their online Subscription benefits, such as downloading files, or viewing or claiming keys. The Subscriber sites will be available for access, but functionality will be limited to that which a non-subscriber…

Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 files are also now available

From Top Subscriber Downloads list on lower left of of from: for the English files, although many languages are avalailable if you change the language filters.  

Meet with me using Live Meeting!

The Doctor is: OUT   I have left the support stand.  I will schedule more Live Meeting sessions very soon!   Thanks again for all of your suggestions and feedback!   Chris Deluca, Benefit Portal dev lead.


New and Improved Subscriber Download UI is LIVE!

Like that famous car manufacturer slogan: You asked for it, you got it…a new UI!  Like that famous burger slogan: Have it your way, have it your way…a whole new UI!  Like that famous computer manufacturer slogan: Dude, you’re getting a new UI!    I am pleased to announce that we are releasing our new…


New Subscriber Downloads User Interface – Survey Results

The results of our second user survey have been posted here:    I would like to thank all of you who took the time to check out the new UI mock-ups and provide feedback.   Sincerely, Chris Deluca  


InstaSurvey 7001 – New Downloads UI – Survey Results

Thank you all for providing your feedback on the new UI mock-ups.  Here are the final results as tabulated by our accounting firm Dewey, Countem and Howe:    The quick summary is as follows: ·         Dislike:    16% ·         Like:        84%   Summarized verbatim dislikes: ·         Fonts are too large/Too much wasted space ·         It doesn’t show me…


New Subscriber Downloads User Interface

Thanks for the feedback you provided on our initial survey as well as the feedback you posted in other blogs.  We took this into account and came up with a new user interface design that we hope you like.     You can see the new user interface mock-ups here:    Please provide your feedback using our “mailto”…


InstaSurvey 7001 – New Downloads UI

Today, I posted mock-ups of a new user interface design for Subscriber Downloads web pages (it can be found here:    I am interested in your constructive criticism of the new user interface design.  Please use the links below to indicate whether you like or dislike this style of navigating to our products.  The…