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Notice anything different?  The MSDN Subscriptions website has been updated.  These updates are intended to make it easier for you to use your Subscription by improving the site navigation, page layout, and includes updates to the site content itself.  The new design has been launched in en-us to start and then in 2009, we'll roll it out globally.  Please tell us what you think.

 The Subscriptions Site Management Team


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  1. don’t think it’s working very well – i click on SBS 2008 and get a vista download, i click on Win Server 2008 and don’t get anyhining

    [Chris responds: I attempted to repro your issue and didn’t have the same issue.  Can you please sign in to the blog, click on my profile and privately mail me your repro steps? Thanks!]. 

  2. Beat Frey says:

    I cannot find anymore the place where I can change my profile (e.g. change the email address)


    [Kathy: Good catch.  We just put this information back on the main “Get Help and Support” page under MSDN Subscriptions Program Support.  Thank you.] 

  3. nix2 says:

    Manage My Subscription / Shipment Index appears to be broken. Using any of the drop down lists (such as Subscription Type) immediately moves to a ‘sorry, we were unable to sevice your request’ web page. I’ve tested with IE7, Firefox3 and Chrome on Vista and Server 2003 with the same result.

    [Chris responds: Thanks for the report.  I am able to duplicate your issue and have escalated to our lab folks.  I’ll respond again once things are working again.]

    [Chris responds again: Thank you again for the report. We were able to locate the issue and push a fix to production.  It should be working correctly now.]

  4. Milan says:


    The MSDN “Sign in” is still broken.

    I am getting error “Sorry, we were unable to service your request.”

    Thank you


    [Chris responds: as of 3:00pm PST, the site is back up.]

  5. Tom says:

    From the MSDN site after login; Clicking on  “Downloads and Product Keys – VS Pro with MSDN Premium (VL)”  Results in “Sorry, we were unable to service your request. ”  This worked last night.  When will it be repaired?

    [Chris responds: as of 3:00pm PST, the site is back up.]

  6. Peter says:

    The downloads and Manage my subscriptions seem to be not working. I can login using live id, but when i click Subscriber downloads it says:

    Sorry, we were unable to service your request.

    Any news on this? I have tested on Vista and on XP but both don’t work.

    [Chris responds: as of 3:00pm PST, the site is back up.]

  7. Earl says:

    This site does not work for me. I can go to the MSDN Subscriptions site and see that I do have a currently active subscription but then when I try to go the the MSDN subscribers site I cannot get to anything I have tried to Manage My Subscription, go to the Downloads, Activate My subscription and all that I get is “Sorry, we were unable to service your request.

    [Chris responds: as of 3:00pm PST, the site is back up.]

  8. MD Schulte says:

    It looks like you guys decided to remove the Shipment Index feature (or you moved it somewhere that I can’ find it).  Either way, I am not happy with this change.  Searching the shipments for the correct disc was one of my most used features.

    [Chris responds: The link to the subscriptions index moved.  I’ll ask our publishing team to put the link back where it was.  In the meantime, please do one of the following: a.) navigate directly to this URL: or b.) navigate to the manage page, and you’ll see the link in the tab sub-navigation.]

  9. Keith Badler says:

    Trying to get to Subscriber Downloads and Keys..Keep getting ‘sorry, we were unable to service your request’

    [Chris responds: as of 3:00pm PST, the site is back up.]

  10. If you suspend the official website, you should provide a backup service.

    I’m just getting an error from the subscriber downloads page and cannot install a Win2003Debug VM. This is a serious hit for me.

    [Chris responds: The web site is back up.  One of the systems we depend on had an issue, which caused the failure on our web site. You should be good to go now.]

  11. msdn user says:

    how come contents appear on public site before msdn site. I could not find SQL Server 2005 SP3 on msdn

    [Julie responds: high visibility products are typically released to Subscribers in advance of to the general public. Some tools, SDKs, DDKs, and service packs that are publicly available from the Microsoft Download Center may not be published to MSDN Subscriber Downloads, decided on a case by case basis.]

  12. Milsystems says:

    Our account shows that our MSDN subscription has expired (which it has not) – and we are currently unable to download anything from the download center.  Help!!!

    [Chris responds: I’ll need more details in order to help you.  Please sign into the blog, hit my profile page, Chris Deluca and click the email link.  Send me your contact information and we can follow up offline.] 

  13. Chris says:

    Sorry, this isn’t on-topic but there’s nowhere else to ask. I’m also afraid that it’s a bit of a grizzle.

    When are we going to get Windows 7? It annoys me to see people downloading torrents of it for free, while paying subscribers like myself get absolutely nothing. The software is obviously in a “distributable” form as physical copies have been handed out at various events, so why are we not able to download it? After all, we’re paying for early access so why aren’t we getting it?

    Sorry about my tone, but as mentioned it’s frustrating to be paying for a service that isn’t providing the software that I expect.

    [Julie replies: Chris – we will release the bits as soon as we get the thumbs up from the business and product groups. As far as I am aware, the bit torrent bits were not a sanctioned release. We work hard with the product groups to be able to provide access to our Subscribers in advance any broader availability, and we have done that in this case as well.]


  14. John says:

    Where did the details.aspx interface go?!

    I used to use /subscriptions/downloads/details.aspx to access the MSDN subscription downloads, but that has been taken away now, leaving me with the awful interface at /subscriptions/downloads/default.aspx

    Not only did it give descriptions for the software, but it let you select multiple files for download at once. I know i’ve had my share of problems with FTM, so I know everyone else has to… without checkboxes, the chances of it getting borked increase ten fold…

    Granted, the category browsing interface of details.aspx was horrible, and its nice that default.aspx has a nice text list of categories and software packages. But how about a nice text list of file name / posted date / checksum / product key for each file?

    As an alternative, if all the download properties were made available in a spreadsheet, like the product keys, the interface used for actually retreiving the files would be less of an issue. The properties of the files are just as important as product keys, or the actual files themselves..

    [Chris responds: The page you are referring was abandoned long ago from a development standpoint in favor of the new UI – but we left it in production as we saw no urgent need to remove it.  However, there was a “improper information disclosure” bug that came up that necessitated the removal of this page immediately. I appreciate your thoughtful feedback and will look at providing a mechanism to get the file details in an easily downloadable fashion.]


  15. Lee says:

    Eh, I have no access to Keys from Jan 09 down load? I am signed in  I noticed the windows down loads are now locked, unless I didn’t go to the right page for the download? eh any help would be great 🙂

    [Chris responds: If you have an active subscription, go here:

  16. Emyr says:

    I have tried to activate a subscription.  I have my benefit ID number, and I’ve tried to authenticate it, but I keep getting an error, telling me that my details are not stored in the system.  

    I’m logging in from the UK.



    [Chris responds: Contact me privately and I’ll help you troubleshoot.]

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