If you get the "Windows LiveID is unavailable" message…..

Clear your cookies, close all open browser instances and try again. 

Occasionally there is an issue with the LiveId cookie that needs to get cleared out.

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  1. Pedro Ferreira says:

    Is this related to the current error on MSDN?

    “Sorry, we were unable to service your request.”

    It’s only happening when I’m logged in. Tried clearing the cookies with no effect.

    [Chris responds: There is an outtage this morning.  We are analyzing the issue now.]

  2. Cheo says:

    i can’t visit download section, same error as Pedro, it’s saturday so it will be fixed by Monday?

    thanks! i’m going to send you some suggestions on the newly added content mockup.

    [Chris responds: It should be up by Monday.  We are working on fixing the server that is having trouble as well as escalating the build out of a new server running the latest bits.]

  3. eric says:

    i seem to get this error every time i try to log in… hafta clear my cookies every time 🙁

    [Chris responds: This definitely should not be the case.  Once you see the “all clear” message for today’s outage, try one more time (today’s issue is tracked here: http://blogs.msdn.com/msdnsubscriptions/archive/2008/10/04/subscriptions-downloads-and-personalization-is-currently-down-last-updated-2008-10-04-11-45am-pst.aspx).  If you still have issues, then private message me (you’ll have to sign in) with your contact details and we’ll get you some help.]

  4. I had this because my login page is Qwest.live.com. Go to a live.com or hotmail.com site and LOG OUT. Then go to msdn.microsoft.com and log back in. After this, you’ll be able to access the downloads.

    Worked for me, anyway. I even tried unstalling ie7 and re-installing, and was about to just switch over to FireFox when I found out that this worked.

    [Chris responds: Please sign into the blog and contact me via mail privately with your contact details – as you should not have to do these extra steps.  I’ll have you collect some browser trace logs and I will forward them to our authentication team for analysis.]

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