It is time for another Survey. InstaSurvey 7002 – "Newly Added"

We really appreciate the great feedback that the Subscriber community has provided on the new Subscriber Downloads experience. We continue to plan and implement improvements.

One area we continue to get requests is around displaying "Newly Added Downloads" integrated with the rest of the downloads user interface (UI).

We have some mockups that we would like to get your reactions and feedback on.

InstaSurvey 7002 - Newly Added Downloads Integration  


Comments (4)

  1. joao says:

    The new content is good, don’t forget to add the Windows 7 pre-beta at the same time the PDC attendants get it and Mappoint 2009 for Europe! I need to develop for Mappoint 2009 for Europe.


  2. Peter says:

    While MSDN are working on a new, what’s new system, can they remember that the RSS feed is all we have at the moment and not let the work experience kid manage it?

    Currently lists as the latest 4 released:





    (no, the above are not typos)

    and further down an entry called “test”

    Can we not “play” in the production system please.

    [Chris responds: ummm.  Yes.  That was a rather big ooops.  It was fixed within a short time.]

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