SQL Server 2008 Now Available on Subscriber Downloads

If you haven't noticed....

English downloads are available now and additional languages will be added on a daily basis.


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  1. SvenC says:

    Neither FTM nor the new Akamai download manager are able to get the download on my Windows Server 2008 x64. Both download managers start up, but they do not show any download. Is that a known issue?

    From the same network with Vista x64 SP1 it does work.


  2. SubscriptionsBlogger2 says:


    From the FAQ regarding FTM and 64-bit. I don’t know if the same issue exists for Akamai, but will check into it.

    Q: Will the FTM work with 64-bit Internet Explorer browsers?

    A: The FTM is not compatible with 64-bit versions of the Internet Explorer browser. By default, most Microsoft 64-bit Operating Systems install both a 32 bit version of IE and a 64 bit version of IE. You will need to use the 32 bit version of IE to successfully download files from Subscriber Downloads using FTM.

  3. Keith Doyle says:

    Am trying to get to the downloads from a Windows Server 2003SE SP1 w/IE 6.0.3790 SP1.  What do I have to do to download to the machine?  My desktop is 2000 miles and a VPN away from it and I need to install SQL Server 2008 for our development group on this thing, so downloading it locally and transferring it over is a real non-starter.   Is the OLD UI still around somewhere?  At least it worked with this machine’s configuration…   In fact, the submit button on this very comment page does nothing except stall on that machine.   Most of the javascript links just go away forever…

  4. AlSchoen says:

    I attempted to download the SQL 2008 RTM Developer, but the "download" link is not active.

  5. SubscriptionsBlogger2 says:


    From the Subscriber Downloads and Product Keys FAQ(http://msdn.microsoft.com/subscriptions/downloads/cc137104.aspx):

    Q: Why are some files grayed out?

    A: Download files will be visible to everyone, no matter if you are entitled to them or not. Items will appear grayed out and you will be unable to download them or view their keys if:

    You are an active subscriber but not entitled to the desired products based on your Subscription program/type and level

    You are not an active subscriber

    The product or file you are looking for has legal or geopolitical restrictions on its availability

    You are trying to download using an unsupported browser or operating system


    Q: I have multiple subscriptions. When I select a new one from the drop-down list and click a link to go to downloads, it doesn’t show me the downloads and keys I expect to see. Why is that?

    A: If you have multiple subscriptions and you want to switch between them, you must change the default by clicking the “Default” button after selecting a new one in the drop-down. Product and key permissions are based on your “default” subscription.


    Q: I am a VL Subscriber and I have multiple download benefits in my VL Subscription. I click the Downloads tab or the Product Keys list page but I don’t see the downloads or keys I expect to see, based on the level. What is going on?

    A: By default, you will see downloads and keys that correspond to the first download benefit in the list. In order to access downloads and keys that correspond to the other download benefit levels, you will need to click on the specific hyperlink from the Subscription Management page.

  6. SvenC says:

    Hi subscriptionblogger,

    I used IE 32-bit on both machines Server 2008 x64 and Vista x64 SP1. On Vista it works, on Server 2008 not.

    Both are set to the same security rules: Zone: Internet, Protected Mode: On. I tries adding microsoft, live and akamai sites to trusted sites but that screwed up my sign in process: signing in always opened up a new browser windows and I was not signed in. So I reverted back to the initial settings which still did not work. I also downloaded FTM 5.0 and installed the msi manually form an elevated cmd prompt. No change either.

    As I installed Visual Studio 2008 SP1 beta on this machine I am thinking about reinstalling the OS to start over with a clean install of VS 2008 SP1. Maybe something in IE security got wrong and reinstalling the OS will also fix the FTM issue?


  7. Doug says:

    I have a VL Universal subscription and have access to EVERYTHING except the new SQL 2008 postings.  What gives?  Others are experiencing the same issue.  I was told be the concierge chat support people that it’s apparently a known issue with universal subscribers and he suggested I login to a subscription other than my universal.  WHAT!?!?!  So, I’m supposed to castrate my subscription in order to download something?  I don’t think so….that would screw up all the other stuff.  Not to mention, the whole flippin’ point of paying the big bucks for Universal was to avoid the nonsense of getting some things but not others…..universal is supposed to be full-blown access to anything posted to MSDN Downloads.

    I’m in the US, using a supported OS/platform, and am on a .mil network and can presently download anything in the Downloads section except the SQL 2k8 posts.

  8. SubscriptionsBlogger2 says:


    Actually the Universal level was deprecated about 3 years ago. You need to contact your VL Administrator to have him/her reassign your Universal level to a different level.

  9. Pete says:

    There used to be a page on the subscriptions site showing recently-added products… seems to have gone.

    A new and improved version of that page ( including a feed of changes by email ) would be welcome!

    [Chris responds: We’ve decided to not announce new products by email.  We are putting together some new aggregation feeds that’ll be exposed via RSS or Atom and we are also working on a “What’s new” page that’ll be more like the new downloads page.  To see the RSS feeds we have today, please see:


  10. SvenC says:

    I found a solution to my FTM not starting the download. I used this other browser F…F.. and there I saw that clicking an MSDN link downloads a dlm file. That FF browser suggested to open that file with FTM and see: the download started.

    I checked regedit and saw .dlm and a ProgID added to my system.

    I used IE7 to access the download again, and now it is working as well.

    Strange, uninstall/reinstall the FTM msi from an elevated cmd-console followed by a reboot didn’t help. But have FF associate the dlm extension did it…

    Just in case anyone else stumbles over the same thing.


  11. Das Service Pack 1 für Visual Studio 2008 ist nun für MSDN Subscriber verfügbar. Es besteht

  12. Rich says:

    What subscrtiption do we have to have to get SQL 20008 download? I am in the same situation as Doug – VL MSDN Universal. I am our MSDN admin and I do not see any better VL MSDN subcription options that would give us SQL Server. There is the VS2008 database edition with Premium MSDN – is that the one we need? Or do we need to just buy SQL 2008 by license and get it on the VL download and forget the MSDN? Can you tell us teh answer? I am sure there will be many VL MSDN Universal subcribers trying to figure out which subrciption they need to get SQL Server 2008.  Thanks.

  13. SubscriptionsBlogger2 says:


    Go to the RSS at http://www.microsoft.com/feeds/msdn/en-us/subscriptions/MSDNdata.xml and type in SQL in the filter to filter down to the SQL products. I am not sure which vesion you want, but the subscription levels that get each product are listed. You can also pick levels from the  "filter by category" to further refine the entries.

  14. Pete says:

    It would make a big difference if the ‘What’s new’ feeds described above could be filtered by language!



  15. Emre Aydinceren says:


    Something is broken here.

    I can get to SQL 2005 Standard, Developer ,  Exchange 2007 , Biztalk Developer,  I mean literally everything but nothing on SQL 2008 downloads…

    Emre  Aydinceren

  16. SubscriptionsBlogger2 says:

    Pete – If you view the feed in IE and type the language you are interested in in the filter box on the feed view page, it will filter the results to that language. Firefox may also has similar functionality.  

    Emre – you appear to be using an MSDN Universal (VL) Subscription. The Universal level was deprecated about 3 years ago. You need to contact your VL Administrator to have him/her reassign your Universal level to a different level that is current. We are not permissioning any new products to the deprecated levels.

  17. Richard Glidden says:

    Why was SQL Server 2008 released as several separate ISOs, one for each edition?  If you need/want to work with several different editions, you’re looking at a 3 GB download for each edition.

    After downloading them all, it appears that the only real difference is the product key that’s embedded in the DefaultSetup.ini file.  In fact, using the media from one edition with the product key from another edition appears to allow you to install the version that matches the product key.

    Why not post a single ISO with no embedded product key, and provide static product keys on the Product Keys page?  It seems to me that it would save a lot of bandwidth, and make it easier for any subscribers who want to work with multiple editions.

  18. tengsl says:

    when the official releae will be available?

  19. SubscriptionsBlogger2 says:


    The manner in which the bits are released (separate iso images versus a combination build), as well as the product key strategy for the bits – type of key etc. are decisions made by the product group in conjunction with others. These decisions are made for worldwide marketing and distribution purposes, not just for Subscriptions. Beyond Subscribers, customers typically want to purchase and install a single edition. They are not installing and comparing editions in the same way that a Developer or IT Pro might be.

  20. SubscriptionsBlogger2 says:


    The official release of what?

    The RTM bits are posted on Subscriber Downloads, for subscribers whose subscription entitles them to the bits.

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