New and Improved Subscriber Download UI is LIVE!

Like that famous car manufacturer slogan: You asked for it, you got it...a new UI!  Like that famous burger slogan: Have it your way, have it your way...a whole new UI!  Like that famous computer manufacturer slogan: Dude, you're getting a new UI! 


I am pleased to announce that we are releasing our new and improved subscription download UI today.  The new subscriber downloads UI takes into account feedback we received on community blogs, forums, and surveys.  The UI you overwhelmingly liked (84% of survey responders) is now live.  Many of your suggestions are included in this release.  Other features will be included in future releases. 


You can find the new UI here: 


The following list summarizes the features and improvements in the new UI in this release:

·         The “twitchy” fly-out menu with the strange mouse behavior is gone.  RIP.

·         The product list is categorized. This was the most commonly requested organization structure. 

·         The table of contents has been flattened from three levels to two so finding products will be easier. 

·         The list of products can be narrowed easily by using the search filter. 

·         You can find products by using the filtered search or by browsing the table of contents. 

·         You can now search on part of a product name, e.g. “2007,” or on the name of an edition, e.g. “Ultimate” (as in Windows Vista Ultimate or Microsoft Office Ultimate).

·         If a file contains more than one product edition, the names of the editions are listed in plain view. 

·         File downloading, key related tasks, and product information are provided on the same page so you will no longer have to navigate from one page where you search for a product to another where you download files and claim keys. And if you encounter an error on the site, you’ll no longer be taken to a separate error page.

·         File downloading, key related tasks, and relevant information can be seen in a single row so you’ll no longer have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find product keys.

·         Download sizes are displayed prominently so you can see how big the file is before you initiate the download.

·         You can now sort product files by the date they were updated, or by their availability based on your subscription level. 

·         The site will “remember” your last settings for media type, e.g. “DVD,” and architecture, e.g. “x86.”  If no files match your settings, the site will automatically suggest less-restrictive settings.


Thanks again to those of you who participated in the surveys, and provided feedback in blogs and forums.  We hope you find the new UI easier to use.


The Subscriptions Benefits Portal team





I'm going to start a Live Meeting at 4:30pm PST.  For those of you that would like to swing by, chat and ask questions, please find the details here:



Comments (23)

  1. Daniel says:

    You have made a great work, the UI is more usable than before, but I have a suggestion: Add product descriptions, please. For example, if I am to download XP MUI Pack I want to know which CD download to get my preferred language. As it is now, I must guess or download the 5 CDs.

    I’m sure the MSDN team could write a brief paragraph describing every download, additional caveats, etc.

    Not every MSDN subscriber knows everything about the content of his/her subscription, and it adds a professional touch to the subscriber interface.

    Just my two cents!

    [Chris responds: With regard to file languages: The languages are strongly tied to the file.  So if you have your language set to “French” and you see a file (especially a “MU” file) you can be sure the file has the French language (and if it isn’t the case, it would be a data bug). 

    With regard to other descriptions: Instead of writing descriptions ourselves, we are going to provide links to other pages that are more in line with finding out about a product.  Who better to tell you about a product than the team that created it in the first place?  The links will be embedded in the details section of the UI for each of the files.

    Thanks for your feedback!]

  2. SvenC says:

    Perfect! Easy and efficient! Thanks a lot


  3. sfoo says:

    The "old" new interface was just starting to grow on me.. doh!

  4. Very nice! Like it a lot! Thanks

  5. Gene says:

    Where can I find what is new for download?

    [Chris responds: and and are the “what’s new” RSS feeds that we have available.  We are working on a regular web page that provides similar “what’s new” functionality as well.]

  6. Alexey says:

    Just my two cents:

    1. I’m agree with Daniel  about product descriptions.

    2. Add please checkboxes for language filter. (for filtering  two or more languages)

    3.  Add category in RSS feed ( language, product, group)

  7. We have taken a bunch of your feedback and last night we updated the UX for downloads for MSDN, TechNet

  8. Ozz says:

    Good Job with the new UI a great improvement

  9. Patrick says:

    I think that something is missing from the new UI (and also the old one):

    To have a system where we can receive an e-mail when a new (or updated) download is available for our subscription, With this, there will be no need to look regularly at a "new downloads" page to see what’s new.


  10. Gill Cleeren says:

    This new UI is a real improvement over the previous versions: looks fresh, very responsive and light, just what it needed to be.

    Congrats on a job well done!

  11. Peter says:

    Please could you bring back the feature allowing all items on a product page ( or in a category? ) to be selected for download in one go – ‘Select all for download’?

    Also, it is not possible to print ( e.g. to Acrobat ) all the information ( description, keys etc ) on a download page – could that be allowed?

    [Chris responds: Thanks for your feedback.  We’ll add that to our feature request list.  We do have the page that lists all of your keys so you can export them to Xml (found here: but current the AJAX construction of our downloads page doesn’t work correctly with page “saving”.]

  12. Daboodah says:

    Anybody else having problems accessing the linksusing IE7?  I never had problems accessing the old site.  When I try to access any of the three links above with IE7, page flickers and tries to reload several times and ends up on page that states the following:


    Sign in to Microsoft

    Windows Live ID is unavailable from this site for one of the following reasons:

    This site may be experiencing a problem.

    The site may not be a member of Windows Live ID.

    You can:

    You can sign in or sign up at other Windows Live ID sites and services, or try again later at this site.


    Works fine with FireFox (how ironic).


    [Chris responds: This is usually due to a cookie problem.  If you were to clear your cookies *and* close your browser, the issue would likely clear up.  The reason Firefox works (in this case) is because the cookies aren’t shared and the one for Firefox is ok.]


  13. Andy P says:

    Thank you so much!  This new UI is so much better than the last one (I’m suprised the last one got through QC…).  The new one is as easy to use as the ‘classic’ one but with much better descriptions etc.  Good job.

  14. Chris says:

    I’m having the same problem as Daboodah on 3 different systems. Is the site currently working for anybody?

    [Chris responds: Have you tried the fix I provided for Daboodah?]

  15. Chris says:

    I hadn’t tried it when I posted (after all, what’s the chance of a broken cookie on 3 different browsers?) but I gave it a go anyway, and sure enough, it worked 🙂


  16. AMJ says:

    Worst than before. For example, try to download Windows XP Pro SP3 English. It took five minutes to find it then I gave up.

    [Chris responds:  Hmmm.  Here are my steps:

    1. Navigate here:
    2. Type xp in the search box (or Windows or just navigate to “Operating Systems > Windows XP”) and click on the blue “Windows XP” node.
    3. Look for “Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3” in the list of items.  If you click the “Last updated”, it’ll sort very near the top (4th item) because it is fairly new.

    Does this not work for you?]



  17. Great! This is a lot better than the horrible thing that was up for a while. Now I can finally find my way around the site again.

  18. Gopal says:

    Unable to login to technet – Windows Live ID is unavailable from this site for one of the following reasons.

    Neither Firefox nor IE 6/7 works. Wonder what is going on. What should i do?

    [Chris responds: It would be rare to see corrupted cookies in both IE and FF, but it is possible.  Try deleting your cookies, close your browser (you must do this too) and try again.  If this doesn’t resolve your issue, private mail me and we’ll get your some help.]

  19. SubscriptionsBlogger2 says:


    As has been posted a few times:

    This is usually due to a cookie problem.  If you were to clear your cookies *and* close your browser, the issue would likely clear up.  The reason Firefox works sometimes when IE does not is because the cookies aren’t shared and one might be ok and the other not ok.

    I just confirmed that the site is available without any problems.

  20. ASPInsiders says:

    For a while, it seemed like it kept becoming more of a hand eye coordination game trying to orchestrate

  21. Thank You Microsoft, I Like The New Design Much Better Than The Old Design, Keep Up The Good Work.

  22. Winston C says:

    No matter what I do I get the “Windows Live ID is unavailable from this site for one of the following reasons” error.  This includes trying this on 4 different systems with XP, Vista Business,, and OSX 10.5.  No amount of deleting cookies and flushing settings in IE6, IE7, FF2, FF3, or Safari will get me past that error.

    Any other suggestions?

    [Chris responds: Are you closing your browser after clearing your cookies?  And if so, please contact me privately and we’ll try to figure out what is going on.]

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