Downloads unavailability starting last Friday

Hello everyone - just wanted to post a quick note.

As many of you figured out (along with me on Saturday night), Subscriber Downloads and Product Keys were not available all weekend. There was a downtime to complete some system work that had been started four weeks ago, and the fact that the completion work this weekend would even impact subscriber downloads was totally missed by those that could have gotten a notice posted externally. No excuses - just an apology.

And to add to the weekend fun of the site not being unavailable, today there were a large number of escalations where subscribers were getting errors when attempting to access downloads and product keys.

The second issue was identified last week, but the identified scenario where it occurred appeared to be an edge case (so small customer base impacted - with a known workaround). Based on the number of escalations this morning, we re-assessed the impact and determined it was much bigger. A fix was coded this afternoon. It is currently being smoke tested in UAT, and it should be live in productions within a few hours.




Comments (2)

  1. Joel Pippin says:

    Software downloads for Volume license holders are down today, 3.20.08, several days after this post. What's going on now? I need to download a product while travelling and Microsoft isn't helping.

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