11008 Errors – some positive movement to share

The dev teams have made some positive progress on identifying fixes for the 11008 errors. They are coordinating with all the impacted systems to coordinate dev and test environments. They are still unsure whether the code updates being implemented will address all sources of this error. Monitoring post fix will have to be our indication of the overall success.

Because of the system integration requirements and the system complexities, this will take a few weeks to get fully tested.

Thank you again for your continued patience while we work to troubleshoot and address these issues. 


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  1. Frank Ramke says:

    Please fix this ASAP.  It’s severly affecting my capabilities.

  2. Les Potter says:

    I too am getting the "error 11008" problem.  I use IE7 on Windows XP Pro SP2, on a Dell Latitude D810 laptop.  I have narrowed my problem down to this, using the same laptop (same software, hardware, network port) from home and from the office, …

    1.  From home, wired to a Trednet 1G 8 port hub which is connected to a Satellite Receiver (DN7000) which connects me to Hughesnet for internet access, I get the error 11008.

    2.  From the office, wired to the internet (I don’t know what nodes are in between), I do NOT get the error, I can access the Product Keys and Downloads fine.

    I have tried other machines from home.  I have tried other operating systems from home.  I have tried other browsers from home.  NONE work, all give the error 11008.

    I may try taking everything out from in-between my laptop and the DN7000 and create complete isolation, but I suspect that will do no good since many others are having the same problem.  It appears to be a Microsoft site incompatibility with my ISP and others.


    PS.  Its now almost Oct 25th.  Will there be another blog post from Microsoft soon updating us on the status?

  3. Ren says:


    Of all people is microsoft not capable of keeping a subscription service up and running more than half the time?


  4. Erik Kristoffersen says:

    Yahh – this is still not fixed.  And we are only told we should be patient … When chatting with the online concierge – I was walked through deleting all cooking all offline contents etc., but actaully I had already tried that – logging in from at brand-new PC, but to no avail. I do understand that this can be difficult, but given MS is a BIG, BIG software company, it should be possible to identify the problem and solve it. Certainly would like some real information, not just an announcement, that you are working on it.



  5. SubscriptionsBlogger2 says:

    As I said on the other thread…

    I am also tired of this not working. I would like nothing more than for all of you to be satisfied customers and have no problems accessing the benefits that you or your company have paid for.

    That said, resolution takes time. In parallel, I am investigating what can be done to address the pain you guys and gals are currently feeling.

  6. Muruthi says:

    I agree that this issue is taking too long to resolve. It surely is affecting our business processes. Please keep us posted on any developments regarding this problem.

  7. SubscriptionsBlogger2 says:

    I hear and understand and SHARE your frustration. As noted above, I am working to see what can be done to assist you while the underlying issues are addressed.

    This is being escalated pretty high as a CPE issue.

  8. SubscriptionsBlogger2 says:

    I don’t have any new information other than to reiterate that it has been escalated and is being worked on.

    Part of the identified fixes require releases from several teams, and there are interdependencies between these that have to be worked out and lined up.

  9. JD says:

    At this point most companies would have rolled this back to that past release rather than see how angry they can make their highest value customers.  We are the developers that use and recommend your products.  This level of service at my company would result in a rapid job seeking experience and a roll back.  Is this the level of service/reliability we can tell our management to expect from Microsoft?  Is there any kind of plan in place to compensate users for this substantial interuption?

    Please remember that many of us are also developers and understand the complexities of a site like this.  I suspect that some of us also support even more complex sites, but could you imagine what it would be like if your local bank left a broken bill pay site up for a few weeks?  

  10. SubscriptionsBlogger2 says:


    We have already had the "rollback" discussion a few times, as recently as yesterday.

    A patch is being dev’d that we know will "help" the issue. I am far from convinced it will solve it.

    Because of one teams release delay until after the holidays, the code for this fix has to be retested with differnent system integration parameters. That effort is starting today I hope.

    As fellow devs, you know things are never as simple as you’d like.

    The one shiny light for me is that in a few months the system will be getting a lot less complicated in terms of ownership and responsibility, and the number of separate systems. The integration point where these 11008 failure points are happening today will not even be part of the system come February – but we still have to work to get this resolved now, and to make sure that the teams taking this ownership on don’t have a similar situation.

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