Windows Vista is live! Office 2007 product keys on MSDN Subscriber Downloads

We'll it's shortly after midnight on Friday morning, November 17 and Windows Vista is live on MSDN Subscriber Downloads at  Currently, the English builds are available and we're in the process of adding additional language versions to the site.  Traffic is already building steadily.

For those of you who downloaded Office 2007 recently (or plan to in the very near future), please be aware of a unusual situation we have with some of the product keys.  I've pasted some information below from the MSDN Subscriptions Announcements page in an effort to create more awareness of this situation.

Office 2007 Product Keys from Subscriber Downloads

Many Office 2007 applications were recently posted to Subscriber Downloads, however a unique product key was not posted for each product. Although these product keys are worth 11 activations, once a product key is used to activate a particular Office application, it can only be used to activate additional installations of the same application. For example, a single key was posted for Office Project 2007 and Office Visio 2007, however once the product key is used to activate an Office Project 2007 installation, it can only be used to activate other Office Project 2007 installations.

Additional product keys are expected to made available from the Subscriber Downloads’ Product Keys page on Tuesday November 21st, 2006. When the additional product keys are posted:

·         The existing Office 2007 Desktop Programs keys will be renamed to be the key for Office SharePoint Designer 2007. If you have already used this key to activate a different desktop program, please make a note to swap the two keys. For example, if you activated an Office Groove 2007 installation with the original Desktop Applications key, please use the new Office Groove 2007 key to activate any Office SharePoint 2007 installations.

·         The Project Professional 2007 / Visio Professional 2007 key will be renamed to be the key for Project Professional 2007. Again, if you already used this key to activate Visio Professional 2007, you will have to use the new Visio Professional 2007 key to activate any Project Professional 2007 installations.

If you require an additional product key before November 21st, please contact MSDN customer service.

The following groups of products are affected by this issue:             

Product Key: Office 2007 Desktop Programs

Office Groove 2007, Office InfoPath 2007, Office InterConnect 2007, Office OneNote 2007, Office Access 2007, Office Outlook 2007, Office Publisher 2007, Office SharePoint Designer 2007

 Product Key: Project Professional 2007 / Office Visio Professional 2007

Office Project Professional 2007, Office Visio Professional 2007       

As indicated above, we anticipate having the additional keys on the site next Tuesday, November 21 and appreciate your patience as we enable the additional keys.  They should be in place just in time for you to download the new bits and get a few keys before heading out for a long Thanksgiving weekend (well, here in the states, anyway).


Best regards,

Seth Adams

Program Manager, MSDN Subscriptions

Comments (19)

  1. bicnet blogs says:

    It's been a long wait for many of us. But now it's finally over, and MS Vista has been released to MSDN...

  2. PAPutzback says:

    Anyway to fix this 11001 error I get when trying to download Vista

  3. http says:

    And what about the Volume License keys? When and where will they be available?

  4. user364 says:

    What is the expected availability date for MSDN Academic Alliance members?

  5. homoastralis says:

    On November 17, 2006 Windows Vista appears on MSDN. After a few hours the Vista disappears from the download link and from Operating Systems also. When a subscriber trying to download an error 11001 or 11006 appear.

    What is going on.

    Until now November 18, 2006 13:26 pm (GMT+2) nothing is appear.

  6. Finchwizard says:

    I am yet to see it appear on MSDNAA, as most of these announcements are always very slow at making their way to the MSDN AA people at least.

    What is happening? Is there any ETA on this?

    We got told on renewal that Vista would be available too.

  7. Cal77 says:

    Vista ist here? Where is it? It's not in the menu anymore.

    Please inform us, whats going on and when it is available. Thanks!

  8. Finchwizard says:

    Yea, would be nice to be told what's going on.

    So much for the "7 days after RTM", even the 17th wasn't 7 days after RTM.

  9. Chadi says:

    Why is Vista RTM missing? I know others asked, so I add on as another wondering too.

    Let's get an update please. Thank you.

  10. Finchwizard says:

    I've been advised that Vista will be available to MSDN Academic Alliance people "Early next week"

    For the people who are asking, seeing as no one Official  is saying anything.

    Which is also far from the "7 days after RTM" and a long way off "17th of November"

  11. Finchwizard says:

    If someone can fill me in with this, but reading the MSDN Academic Alliance area.

    Hello MSDN AA administrators and thank you for your interest in Windows Vista! We are pleased to announce that Windows Vista Business Edition will be included in your MSDN AA subscription shipment in January 2007, and is expected to be posted here by December 1, 2006. Should you have an urgent need, please contact your Microsoft Academic Developer Evangelist. Thank you for your patience.

    So, windows Vista Business Edition is given to Education, Education being where a variety of things are taught, anything from making movies, Presentations, being on a network, I thought Business Edition didn't have any of the "Multimedia" type style of things.

    And seeing as Home Premium won't fit into Domains and networking, why is Education getting Business edition rather than say Ultimate Edition, that contains everything needed.

    I just find it odd.

    Is there any plans to release other versions to Education and MSDN AA, no one at Microsoft so far has been able to answer that question. Right hand left hand syndrome.

  12. Marcelo Mason says:

    Like I said on the wista Beta forum on Technet....

    I'm almost crying!!!! I'm always here, on techflash, connect.... hummm...

    And I did'n t get my gift....

    OKDOK... Just a litte bit sad....

    Anyway, Always a great source here for dobuts on the betas and, in my case the RC1....



  13. Synergist says:

    Clicking on the Subscriber downloads link takes me here:

    Why can't I get to my subscriber downloads (I am logged in)?


  14. buntyoo7 says:

    Can anyone provide me with the MS Vista Ultimate Product key

  15. Sergio Marino says:

    Can anyone provide me with the MS Vista Ultimate Product key?

  16. Sergio Marino says:

    i ca register on because i trie the RC1, i trie the live beta and now when micrsoft give the vista for all persons, i can not have it because i not have a Benefit Access Number: or what ever to download vista. is not right microsoft. please help me.

  17. There will be an hour long public chat on LINQ to SQL and related technologies held Tuesday, Dec 12 at

  18. frixie says:

    Is anyone else getting an error message stating that either their MSDN or TechNet subscription has expired, even though it hasn't?  Haven't been able to log in to either site for almost 2 weeks and we are a Certified Partner.  When we call MSPP we get the run around being asked to clear cookies, temp files, etc.  At the end, they tell us the problem is at their end and "someone will get back to you".  We've called 3 times and still a problem as of today, Dec. 14/06.  

    Any ideas?

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