Setting download UI language

A quick update on how the download language can be set in the MSDN Subscriber Downloads site.  Currently, there is a language pull-down box in the site header that can be used to select a language.  This pulldown is going away, and there are two main ways to select your UI language:

1.  The localized MSDN regional sites will link directly to the localized Subscriber Downloads registration and login pages.
2.  After logging in and going to the Subscriber Downloads benefit, you can select your language in "Download Preferences".

Our new language options will be Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.  We have preliminary plans to add European languages (probably German, French, and Spanish), but this work has not been finalized as yet.

Andy Boyd
Program Manager
MSDN Subscriber Downloads

Comments (3)

  1. Xepol says:

    Uh, so where is the new site!?!? We get told it was scheduled for the 14th, we get a message that day when we try to log in that it is unavailable due to maintenance. Since then, NOTHING.

    No change and no word. Not a thing. There was this huge build up, a week solid of articles and then NOTHING. WTF! No new site, and no word for over a week. I, like everyone else, would have appreciated at least a word that the system was delayed (yes, I can pretty much guess that it was, but there is a principle involved.)

    It is a blog, it would take like 2 minutes to toss up a quick note that everything was in holding at the last minute. You think it is embarressing to admit that? It is more embarressing to look like you just zoned off into outerspace instead.

  2. Xepol says:

    Hey, a new site after all my complaining, and it does look nice!

    Some nice new features to go play with!

    Thanks everyone!

  3. smart_se says:

    i want product key

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