MSDN Subscriber Downloads Personalization (well sort of)

There is some high-level personalization that gets done within the MSDN Subscriber Downloads site.  This, behind Search, was the top customer request in terms of feature requests for MSDN Subscriber Downloads.  After selecting the Subscriber Downloads benefit, you'll have a "My Download Preferences" option on the toolbar.  Mainly, these have to do with filtering the download files presented to you in the Table of Contents and Search results.  You have three major options:

  1. Product Language - this was our most prominent request - you can set the download UI to only present products in languages you want, such as English, German, and Slovakian

  2. Product Group - you can filter to only be shown products within certain content groups, such as Applications and Operating Systems

  3. Product Date - you can set the system to only show products last updated within a certain date range - such as within one week, month, or year

For both the TOC and the search results you'll always have a one-click option to get back to "All Results", in case you don't see the products you're looking for.


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