Bill Gates and the Windows Embedded Student Challenge

Justin Creasy is blogging about the Microsoft Windows Embedded Student Challenge (WESC 2005) event going on this week-end in Redmond. In this installment he talks about Bill Gates visiting the teams who have come from all over the world. Justin was part of the team that won this event last year. Since then he and his team…


Virtual Earth

Wait until you see what is coming this summer! Chandu Thota who is on the team getting the Virtual Earth project going has some screen shots on his blog.  Maps, aerial imagery, photos, directories and more. This is going to be big. – Alfred (Microsoft)


MSN Newsbot

MSN Newsbot uses search and MSNBC to gather news from over 4,000 sources on the internet. Read all about it at the MSN Sandbox. Try the US version at But if you live some place else visit the Sandbox site for direct links to well over 20 custom bots for different languages, countries and parts…


VS.NET 2004 Sucks, Use KDevelop

A friend just pointed out an article over on NewsForge, The Online Newspaper for Linux and Open Source. The article attempts to compare VS.NET and KDevelop and according to the article KDevelop is the winner: “Given the choice between these two contenders, I’d be more likely to place my bets on the Linux-based solution. And…


The NCAA will NEVER be forgiven

After reading Scoble’s blog, Kevin Shofield’s post and the comment by Alfred I am completely outraged. The current ruling by the NCAA is something that I will never forgive. At the current time computer science enrollments are dropping on the average nationally and schools are trying to figure out why. Now I don’t feel that…


Virtual What?

 Have you seen Virtual Server 2005 or played with Virtual PC? Well if you haven’t (and even if you have) there are two great videos on Channel 9 about these products. I would highly encourage everyone to check them out. Virtual Server Post Virtual PC Post –Eric (Grand Valley State University)


Are you going to be the Last Developer Standing?

 A friend and student ambassador pointed out a contest, The Last Developer Standing, and asked me to promote it. I began looking into the contest and it appeared to be really cool, until I read the rules and regulations and found out the contest is only open to Canadian citizens. So if you’re Canadian check…


NewsGator Plug-In for Community Server

I have created a workspace on GotDotNet for this plug-in. The code that is up there is pretty much just a proof of concept code. While it works there is no plug-in documentation or code documentation. I do plan to update this later in the week, but for now I do not have the time…


Like sharing music AND seeing a cool implementation of Community Server code?

Then you should visit Crossfader, a new community site for “the global electronic artist”, courtesy of Microsoft. This is built on the new Community Server code from Telligent Systems – the basic version of which is open source, so download and use away! It’s roots are the .TEXT blog tool (what we’re hosted on), the ASP.NET Forums…


How would Slashdot percieve the MSA program?

Is the Microsoft Student Ambassador (MSA) program really worth it? I would have to say yes! The program is an excellent program and you can see other companies such as IBM, Apple, and Sun running similar program. One thing that is unique about the program is the way it is structured. Once awarded the MSA you…