Want to become a Microsoft Student Ambassador?

The Microsoft Student Ambassador program is an excellent program that provides students excited about technology (Microsoft, .NET, C#, VB.NET, Apple, Linux, FreeBSD, Java, PHP, etc…) a way to interact with Microsoft. The Student Ambassador program is in it’s 4th year now looking to make a big step forward into next year. The program is looking for energetic, enthusiastic,…


More Microsoft job interview stories

Courtesy of Gretchen again, here are a bunch of links about what it’s like to interview with Microsoft – our own Eric Maino made her short list! -Kevin (Microsoft)


More Interview Questions

After looking at some of the other bloggers that had linked to my interview posts I ran across a great post filled with lots of great .NET Interview Questions. I have gone through various other technical interviews lately not including the Microsoft one and I must say these questions are clearly in line with some…


Looking for some good students for INETA Academic

Andrew Flick is looking for student volunteers to help out with INETA’s Academic effort. If you aren’t familiar with INETA, it is the International .NET Association, a non-profit group dedicated to helping make developer user groups focused on .NET successful around the world. INETA’s Academic committee focuses on helping out student groups on campus, and…


College and High School internships at Microsoft

Gretchen from Microsoft Recruiting briefly outlines some links to Microsoft’s college and high school internships. We do have high school summer internships, but only for students who already live in the Puget Sound (in Washington State, USA) area. Cool opportunity to get a head start on your career in the software business! -Kevin (Microsoft)


Creator of .TEXT engine is looking for a few good students in the NY/NJ area

Scott Watermasysk created .TEXT (the blog engine this blog runs on), works now with Rob Howard over at Telligent Systems, and also works with INETA Academic. He’s looking for a few students in the NY/NJ/PA area to get involved on a .NET community project. -Kevin (Microsoft)


Infragistics Is Looking for GREAT Students

Infragistics, Inc. is currently seeking bright, self-motivated team players for a variety of open positions!  Infragistics is the market leader in providing a broad range of presentation layer development tools and services for building applications utilizing Microsoft .NET, COM, and Java environments. Over the past 15 years, Infragistics has received over 220 product awards and industry…


Why are manhole covers round?

Thomas Nguyen, a Microsoft Student Ambassador, passed along a good site with interview questions.  How Would You Move Mount Fuji? by William Poundstone is a good book if you are interested in Microsoft style puzzle questions.  How do you prepare for interviews? -James (Cal. State University, Long Beach)


Where to work after college…

  According to this article found on Microsoft PressPass it appears that U.S. undergraduate students would most like to work for Microsoft.   Where do you want to work and if at Microsoft for which product team?   –Eric (Grand Valley State University)