Heard at theSpoke

Dave is taking a new job working for the Xbox division. He’s started to blog about what that work is all about. It looks like he’s in for some fun time and will have a lot of interesting things to talk about in the coming weeks and months. If you are at all interested in…


Bill Gates and the Windows Embedded Student Challenge

Justin Creasy is blogging about the Microsoft Windows Embedded Student Challenge (WESC 2005) event going on this week-end in Redmond. In this installment he talks about Bill Gates visiting the teams who have come from all over the world. Justin was part of the team that won this event last year. Since then he and his team…



Over at theSpoke, Brian Scarbeau is blogging about TechEd. Sounds like he was impressed with the opening keynote. – Alfred Thompson


Are you a creative person?

As many of you know the Visual Gaming event in the Imagine Cup uses “tissues” which are the maze that the nano robots have to move through. There is a contest for people to create their own tissues that can be used in round two. You do not have to be a programmer at all to…


New Project Hoshimi Manga

Richard has posted some drafts of the new Project Hoshimi manga at theSpoke. Images only – no dialog. Still I wonder what clues you can find there. If you are into the Imagine Cup Visual Gaming event you will want to check these out. Alfred (Microsoft)


Do you think theSpoke sucks?

You can help make theSpoke better and apply to be on theSpoke’s first Student Advisory Board.  The full details are on Mario Jobbe’s blog, but they are looking for smart, technical students to: – Attend MSN Messenger meetings every other week to discuss and shape plans for theSpoke v2 – Help the development and marketing…


Got a Party Coming Up?

Daryll McDade links to a post on Engadget about the coolest piñata ever. I think I might pick up one of these for the next geek party I throw at Grand Valley. –Eric (Grand Valley State University)


Ever wanted to port an app from Linux to Windows (.NET)?

Over the past week Josh Blake of James Madison University has ported an application from Linux to Windows primarily using C#. I had to learn a lot about the Win32 API…and I’m talking some intense stuff, like Access Control Entries (ACE), Desktop API, Windows Services, default system policies and how to programmatically change them, differences in…



It’s been a busy month for theSpoke, so here’s the quick summary of some of the most interesting stuff going on: Interested in how theSpoke works? Download theSpoke API Starter Kit (beta), then share your ideas for how to improve theSpoke community in the Developer Hub. theSpoke turned 1 year old this month! Read about…


The most prolific theSpoke bloggers

Direct from Mario on theSpoke team, here’s a good way to get started by looking at some of the most prolific and popular student blogs on the site: Punzki – http://www.thespoke.net/MyBlog/punzki/MyBlog.aspx Ogman – http://www.thespoke.net/MyBlog/ogman/MyBlog.aspx Bernard – http://www.thespoke.net/MyBlog/Bernard/MyBlog.aspx AdamMB – http://www.thespoke.net/MyBlog/AdamMB/MyBlog.aspx Issue 1, Volume 1, October 14th 2004