MSN Newsbot

MSN Newsbot uses search and MSNBC to gather news from over 4,000 sources on the internet. Read all about it at the MSN Sandbox. Try the US version at But if you live some place else visit the Sandbox site for direct links to well over 20 custom bots for different languages, countries and parts…


Bill Gates interviewed by engadget

Once again a senior Microsoft exec, in this case Bill Gates, is interviewed by a blogger. Part one of an engadget interview is here. – Alfred Thompson (Microsoft)


Web-Based RSS Reader from MSN

Have you seen the experimental web-based blog reader from MSN? It is at It has a bunch of links that you can add automatically to connect with some of the top blogs and other RSS feeds on the Internet.There is an interesting looking bookmark manager at as well. The Bookmark manager only works…


Looking for Microsoft Bloggers?

Microsoft runs a portal site where Microsoft employees register their blogs. When a Microsoft person updates their blog this site shows an update. It lists the last several Microsoft blogs updated. You can do to the next page to browse through more recent posts or you can do a search for a specific topic. If…