Virtual What?

 Have you seen Virtual Server 2005 or played with Virtual PC? Well if you haven’t (and even if you have) there are two great videos on Channel 9 about these products. I would highly encourage everyone to check them out. Virtual Server Post Virtual PC Post –Eric (Grand Valley State University)


Are you going to be the Last Developer Standing?

 A friend and student ambassador pointed out a contest, The Last Developer Standing, and asked me to promote it. I began looking into the contest and it appeared to be really cool, until I read the rules and regulations and found out the contest is only open to Canadian citizens. So if you’re Canadian check…


How does your student club cope with newbies?

Julia Lerman, who is a big contributor to INETA and to the Vermont .NET User Group, is wondering how her group’s meetings can stay interesting to both beginner and advanced developers. Student user groups and clubs must deal with this all the time, as new students come in every year. Does anyone have any good…


Keep up on PDC

PDC – Professional Developers Conference – is coming up later this year, and it’s always one of the most anticipated developer conferences going. Keep up on the latest news about it via RSS here, or keep up with Microsoft employees who are blogging about it (RSS)! (link thanks to Jeff Sandquist) -Kevin (Microsoft)


Are you an educator? Want to learn .NET?

Check out this is a great site for educators of all classification. What may reallly interest you is the FREE .NET training around the country at various locations, read more about it here… –Eric (Grand Valley State University)


How students can connect to the local pro dev community

One thing we are often asked about is how can college students, who are aspiring to enter the working world as a developer, start getting connected with job opportunities in there area? There are LOTS of ways to do this online – start up a blog, make yourself a known authority on a language or…


Learn about C# from Dr. Joe Hummel

Georgeo over on the MSDN Webcasts Blog outlines a Webcast series from Dr. Joe Hummel, a professor of CS. It’s a 15–part series, and you can win a new Portable Media Center just for watching! -Kevin (Microsoft)


FREE 15 part C# webcast series

Dr. Joe Hummel talks about modern Windows development in Visual Studio .NET using C# in a series of webcasts. Dr. Hummel is a professor of Computer Science at Lake Forest College. This 15-part series covers a wide-range of topics, including object-oriented programming and development (OOP and OOD), Windows Forms (WinForms) GUI development, database programming with…


Webcasts rollup – Lots of great webcasts for students

Not sure what a Webcast is? Check this out. You can watch them live or recorded, either way they are a lot more fun than reading a text book.   A sampling of what’s coming – see the rest of the newsletter for all the rest: Digital Blackbelt Series: Joe Stagner shows you how to…


Another C# .NET Advanced Learning Program

David Smith, the Microsoft Student Ambassador at Michigan State University just published the details of his second C# .NET Advanced Learning Program (ALP). While this event is geared towards the students of MSU, it is open to anyone interested in learning about C# and .NET. –Eric (Grand Valley State University)