Bill Gates and the Windows Embedded Student Challenge

Justin Creasy is blogging about the Microsoft Windows Embedded Student Challenge (WESC 2005) event going on this week-end in Redmond. In this installment he talks about Bill Gates visiting the teams who have come from all over the world. Justin was part of the team that won this event last year. Since then he and his team…


Win a trip to the PDC

Channel 9 is running a contest with a free trip to PDC05. Details here. Winners will come from bloggers and from people who enter their Shareware Coding Contest. – Alfred Thompson


2005-2006 Microsoft Student Ambassadors for the US of A!

We’re announcing the first group of Microsoft Student Ambassadors for US universities next school year. A full list is below – each individual who was nominated will get an email directly by the end of today with more details. For those not selected in this round, we will let you know if you are being…


Update on 2005-2006 Student Ambassador announcement

I know, we’re running a day behind our goal of annoucning these on June 7. But we’re almost there – we will post the first group of 2005-2006 Microsoft Student Ambassadors for the United States this afternoon (Pacific time) on this blog. Everyone who applied will also receive a direct email. After I saw Matt’s…


Windows Embedded Student ChallengE 2005 Finalists Announced

Just got this from Ivan Joseph, who leads this very cool effort: The 2005 finalists have been announced for the Windows Embedded Student ChallengE! The top 30 teams from all over the world will be in Redmond June 17-18th, 2005 to compete for top honors. Assuming my new baby allows me time out of the…


Florida presentation on SPOT, by faculty and students

Just saw this from Shervin’s blog – Florida .NET user group is hosting some faculty and students from DeVry University at their June 14th meeting in Miramar, to talk about SPOT: MS SPOT Watch Technology by Ed Hill (DeVry University Faculty) and Students An overview of Smart Personal Objects Technology, Microsoft’s latest (and smallest) .NET…


MSR Faculty Fellowship Awards

Kevin Schofield posts about Microsoft Research’s New Faculty Fellowships Awards. About the program: “…the MSR fellowship award is meant to identify five of the most promising junior faculty working in computer science, andgive them some “breathing room” over the next two years to get well established, take some risks, and make some serious progress on their research….


INETA Newsletter

If you’re a student, I highly recommend finding out about the local .NET user group near your school or hometown. Chances are they are a member of INETA, which is a fantastic group of volunteers from around the world dedicated to helping .NET user groups become more successful and reach out to more aspiring and…


Imagine Cup US SDI winners up on Tablet PC Dev Center

Team ECESIS from Virginia Commonwealth, who won the US Software Design Invitational in Imagine Cup, are highlighted up on the MSDN Tablet PC Developer Center! They are also starting up a blog about their experiences on the run up to Japan. They had a great article written up about them in their local paper too (and I…