Want to beta test New Zealand?

Just by downloading Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Beta 2, you will get a shot at a trip to New Zealand and an assignment to help the New Zealand Snowboard Training Group bring an edge to their new Web site! Three students will win this sweet prize package to the land o’ Lord of…


Reaching the next generation of developers

Jeff Sandquist posts about Bitman’s Place, a new experiment in helping introduce young kids to computers. Check out his post for a link to log in during this test period.


More Imagine Cup photos are up

Thomas Nguyen has posted a bunch of his pictures from this weekend – Thomas was a competitor in Imagine Cup from the University of Houston with their AgileAgents project. For any competitors who attended and took pics, if you want to share them email me (Kevin) or post them to Flickr with the tag imaginecup….


Northeastern University takes 3rd!

Congratulations to Northeastern’s Team Splines and their eVt applicaiton for taking 3rd place! Jorel Fermin, Churk Leung, Maurice Peltier About eVt, in their own words (and their bios, in Word): The ability to communicate has been one of the greatest and oldest boundaries that humanity has faced. Communication through language plays an integral part in…


Carnegie Mellon takes 2nd place!

Congratulations to Team Smartcare from Carnegie Mellon University, for taking home 2nd place in the US National Finals of the Imagine Cup 2005, Software Design Invitational! Bryan Shen, Mark Pimental, and Andy Shen About Smartcare, in their own words (full bios here, in Word) SmartCare is a healthcare platform that provides easy, more-secure sharing of…


Virginia Commonwealth University takes the title!

Sorry this took so long to post (we needed a nap after all the excitement): AND THE WINNER OF THE US NATIONAL FINALS for the Imagine Cup Software Design Invitational IS Team ECESIS from Virginia Commonwealth University! Congrats to James Barrett, John McKeon, and John Sells! See the press release here. ECESIS is a Tablet…


Virtual Earth

Wait until you see what is coming this summer! Chandu Thota who is on the team getting the Virtual Earth project going has some screen shots on his blog.  Maps, aerial imagery, photos, directories and more. This is going to be big. – Alfred (Microsoft)


Defining an Imagine Cup region

In case you read the Regional results below and wondered how Boston U could end up in the Northwest Region, or University of Hawaii Manoa in the Mid-Atlantic reason, here’s the answer: The names are just a fun way to break up the competition into smaller chunks, and aren’t geographically relevant to the locations of…


Imagine Cup – mobile graffiti

John Gibby and Peter Pesti of Georgia Tech are presenting their application called “mGraffiti”, which is all about using a mobile device to apply “graffiti”, or personal notes and comments, about key spots (like your work building, favorite restaurant, hangout) in your life overlaid on top of sattellite maps. Very cool, I love the mobile…


The official Imagine Cup US Finals info

You know you’re official when you get up on Microsoft PressPass! For lots of great stuff about this 2-day event in Redmond, take a look at this site. Including: Student bios and project abstracts (plus some of their photos) Image gallery, which will go live next week. For the informal pics, you can check out…