VS.NET 2004 Sucks, Use KDevelop

A friend just pointed out an article over on NewsForge, The Online Newspaper for Linux and Open Source. The article attempts to compare VS.NET and KDevelop and according to the article KDevelop is the winner: “Given the choice between these two contenders, I’d be more likely to place my bets on the Linux-based solution. And…


Get your Express Beta 2!

Visual Studio Express Beta 2 editions are now available for download! Perfect for students and a great way to play with the languages and code.


Play with your code – MSDN Coding4Fun Dev Center is live!

Sometimes the world of software development is far too serious, so the guys from the Visual Studio team are bringing you the Coding4Fun Developer Center over on MSDN! [from Dan Fernandez’s blog – who does a great job summarizing some of the great features]


Take a peek at Express

A look into some of the upcoming Visual Studio 2005 Express products.-Kevin (Microsoft)


Low US finish in the ACM competition

The University of Illinois tied for 17th in the ACM’s International Collegiate Programming Challenge, the lowest finish by the school in the 29-year history of the competition. The top spots are loaded down with schools from Eastern Europe and Asia – in fact, only four US universities placed among the top 40 finishers. As your…


The NCAA will NEVER be forgiven

After reading Scoble’s blog, Kevin Shofield’s post and the comment by Alfred I am completely outraged. The current ruling by the NCAA is something that I will never forgive. At the current time computer science enrollments are dropping on the average nationally and schools are trying to figure out why. Now I don’t feel that…


Virtual What?

 Have you seen Virtual Server 2005 or played with Virtual PC? Well if you haven’t (and even if you have) there are two great videos on Channel 9 about these products. I would highly encourage everyone to check them out. Virtual Server Post Virtual PC Post –Eric (Grand Valley State University)


Are you going to be the Last Developer Standing?

 A friend and student ambassador pointed out a contest, The Last Developer Standing, and asked me to promote it. I began looking into the contest and it appeared to be really cool, until I read the rules and regulations and found out the contest is only open to Canadian citizens. So if you’re Canadian check…


NewsGator Plug-In for Community Server

I have created a workspace on GotDotNet for this plug-in. The code that is up there is pretty much just a proof of concept code. While it works there is no plug-in documentation or code documentation. I do plan to update this later in the week, but for now I do not have the time…