How does your student club cope with newbies?

Julia Lerman, who is a big contributor to INETA and to the Vermont .NET User Group, is wondering how her group’s meetings can stay interesting to both beginner and advanced developers. Student user groups and clubs must deal with this all the time, as new students come in every year. Does anyone have any good…


Non-Rectangular Forms

Josh Blake does another blogcast on non-rectangular forms using C# and .NET.  Check it out on the Blogcast Repository.   –Eric (Grand Valley State University)


U.S. Government Tales… Cracking 256-bit encryption

The Washington Post is reporting on the U.S. Governments Distributed Network Attack (DNA) is used to crack seized computers for governmental investigation. How do they manage to brute force 256-bit encryption you ask? The answer is you! Humans are no good at randomizing… so our passwords suck. –Eric (Grand Valley State University) 


Microsoft Student Ambassador FAQ

This FAQ is a work in progress – we’ll keep adding new FAQs as they come in. If you have any questions about the program not answered here or over at the Student Ambassador web site, email us at msa at Q: Is this a job? How much money do I get paid? A:…


Is a programming competition a sport?

David Smith a Microsoft Student Ambassador at Michigan State University asks on his blog whether or not a programming competition could be considered a sport or not. What do you think?  –Eric (Grand Valley State University)


A look at Shared Source

Here is an interesting look into Microsoft’s Shared Source Initiative from an ex-Softie, over on O’Reilly’s The author highlights some of the projects Microsoft has begun under the initiative, such as WiX over on SourceForge. Another one to take a look at is FlexWiki. (courtesy of Scoble) -Kevin (Microsoft)


Well Rounded People… Who needs them?

Today I sat in on a career and internship meeting for students at the university. I thought overall the meeting was very informative to these students and gave them a lot of insights into what an employer may be looking for. After the meeting a student was walking through the halls and made the following…


MSN Messenger Update

MSN Messenger updated its maximum number of buddies on a contact list from 150 to 300 today. –Eric (Grand Valley State University) 


Keep up on PDC

PDC – Professional Developers Conference – is coming up later this year, and it’s always one of the most anticipated developer conferences going. Keep up on the latest news about it via RSS here, or keep up with Microsoft employees who are blogging about it (RSS)! (link thanks to Jeff Sandquist) -Kevin (Microsoft)


Like sharing music AND seeing a cool implementation of Community Server code?

Then you should visit Crossfader, a new community site for “the global electronic artist”, courtesy of Microsoft. This is built on the new Community Server code from Telligent Systems – the basic version of which is open source, so download and use away! It’s roots are the .TEXT blog tool (what we’re hosted on), the ASP.NET Forums…