How well do you know algorithms?

Shreyas Vijaykumar pointed out on his blog that the Imagine Cup algorithm invitational first round quiz is live!  Go take the quiz and check out the message board today. -James (California State Univ., Long Beach)


String Concatenation vs. StringBuilder.Append

I had a question the other day in an interview about the performance of StringBuilder and while I had run performance tests with StringBuilder in the past I had never really looked under the covers to determine why StringBuilder was or wasn’t faster then string concatenation. So now I am going to ask you given…


Virtual rock group + .NET = Fun

The WeRock247 .NET SmartClient Training DVD contains material on developing Smart Client applications for .NET and is based on a virtual rock group.  WeRock247.NET takes you through building an enterprise application using Windows Forms, Smart Documents, Smart Tags, PDAs, and much more.  Order your DVDs today! -James (California State Univ., Long Beach)


Microsoft Word version of US Software Design spec released

The Imagine Cup US Software Design spec has now been released in a Word version as well as the OneNote version.  Fill it out today because entries are due February 16, 2005! -James (California State Univ., Long Beach)


New version of F# available for FREE download

Don Syme points out on his blog that a major new version of F# has been released.  F# combines the safety and productivity of ML with the libraries, tools and cross-language working of .NET.  Check out the screenshots. Also, version 1.2 of SML.NET was released earlier this month. -James (California State Univ., Long Beach)


Visual Gaming: Happy New Year Competition

Josh Blake just pointed me in the direction of a new unofficial Imagine Cup Visual Gaming contest called the Happy New Year Competition. This competition takes advantage of a new SDK and tissue and gives you an opportunity to get to know the new features of the sdk, as they will be important for round…


College and High School internships at Microsoft

Gretchen from Microsoft Recruiting briefly outlines some links to Microsoft’s college and high school internships. We do have high school summer internships, but only for students who already live in the Puget Sound (in Washington State, USA) area. Cool opportunity to get a head start on your career in the software business! -Kevin (Microsoft)


Microsoft Doesn’t Matter

Recently there was a lot of hype about the success Apple’s iPod. People were interested in what Microsoft and its partners might do to get into this market, while others think Microsoft just doesn’t get it. Who really cares? Why can’t people just be happy with a company that brought innovation to a product and watch them succeed,…


Who needs C++ anyway?

Eric Gunnerson has an interesting blog entry comparing C# and C++.  The Computer Science department at CSULB currently uses C++ for most of the programming courses.  I think it would be interesting to switch to C# as the default language.  Would you rather have C# as the main language or do you like C++ or…


Creator of .TEXT engine is looking for a few good students in the NY/NJ area

Scott Watermasysk created .TEXT (the blog engine this blog runs on), works now with Rob Howard over at Telligent Systems, and also works with INETA Academic. He’s looking for a few students in the NY/NJ/PA area to get involved on a .NET community project. -Kevin (Microsoft)