Try out a cool new (and free!) blogging engine

MSN Spaces just launched in beta. It's got great integration with the latest version of MSN Messenger (7.0). Definitely worth playing around with if you enjoy blogging!

Comments (2)

  1. Dan L says:

    Better than Blogger? RSS syndication? Just curious what it’s got that’s better than the gazillion others …

  2. while i’ve only started to play around with it (, I do have a fair amount of experience with Blogger, TypePad and .TEXT. Spaces seems to be (and I’m not connected with the team who runs it) designed to take blogging to the masses. When you look at its feature set and UI, it screams simple and easy, even compared with something like Blogger. We could debate endlessly on which is most appropriate for various types of users, but the lack of certain features (e.g. ability to edit CSS) seems to be the most important issue in who Spaces is designed for.

    I don’t get your question how Spaces vs. RSS syndication? Spaces offers syndication…not sure how they would "compete" with each other.

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