Getting down to the wire…

It has just been one of those days... I am very happy that we are on Thanksgiving break today, because I do not think I could have made it through one more day of classes. Yesterday was the first delivery day for a group project at school and of course due to another big class project this one had been put off. After a 42 hour stretch of no sleep I finally got to go to bed last night and not have to worry about a thing.

What kind of projects or deadlines have kept you up late?


--Eric (Grand Valley State University)

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  1. Paul Ingles says:

    God, there were so many during my final year of University (I’m from England).

    I wrote one piece of coursework over a period of about 24 hours — a kind of conceptual knowledge modelling thing, was quite theoretical/philosophical but luckily it was largely just formalising what we’d covered in tutorials. In the end I came out with about 77% I think, so turned out pretty well.

    I ended up rewriting an entire project during our first year after doing some QA before the big report write-up. It had to be handed in the next day and it kept crashing on our lab systems, so that was an extended debug/rewrite session.

    In fact, I can’t remember when I was working on a project that didn’t involve at least an 18/20 hour work-out, even now I’m in a professional position…

  2. css says:

    Sounds like my whole grad school career.

  3. Indeed. I had two tests and a program on Monday/Tuesday. I had to pull 48 hours of no sleep, running on caffine (red bull, monster, coffee, and ). Next day was a major caffine headache.

  4. Eric Maino says:

    I have tried getting off the caffine as much as possible lately. I have been off soda for about 4 months now and pretty much the only thing I drink once and a while with caffine in it is tea. Some of the late nights have been difficult lately, but I have been making it.

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