First round deadline extended

Shreyas Vijaykumar posted on his blog that the first round deadline has been moved for Office Designer, Rendering, Short Film, Web Development, and Technology Business Plan invitationals of Imagine Cup.  It was March 1, 2005 and it was moved to April 1, 2005 to give students more time to work on and then submit their…


Open Discussion on Windows and Linux

Martin A. Taylor and Bill Hilf hold an Open Discussion on Windows and Linux from the Microsoft perspective. In this third installment of TechNet Radio you will learn about the comparative differences between Windows and Linux and other open-source alternatives. The discussion also focuses on three key scenarios: total cost of ownership (TCO), security, and…


Inside story on SP2

Paul Thurrott has an interesting interview with Todd Wanke, Ryan Burkhardt, and Jon Murchinson about the creation of Windows XP SP2.  If you are wondering why SP2 is so big, Rebecca Norlander answered that question on Channel 9 as well as gave a demo of SP2.  While you are with friends and family during the…


Version 2.0 of Paint.NET available for free download

As mentioned on Rick Brewster’s blog, Paint.NET v2.0 is now available for download.  Paint.NET is an image and photo manipulation program that was coded in C# by students at Washington State University.  Check out the screenshots. -James (Cal. State University, Long Beach)


Are you on the naughty or nice list?

There is more than one way to get on Santa’s nice list as this FoxTrot comic illustrates. -James (Cal. State University, Long Beach)


Finished the holiday shopping yet?

If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet, hopefully you are not seeking any of the products Jim Louderback describes in his article. While these products shouldn’t be too hard to find who would really want one? Jim’s article details, Ten to Avoid – The Worst Products of the Year. –Eric (Grand Valley State University)


Ever wanted to port an app from Linux to Windows (.NET)?

Over the past week Josh Blake of James Madison University has ported an application from Linux to Windows primarily using C#. I had to learn a lot about the Win32 API…and I’m talking some intense stuff, like Access Control Entries (ACE), Desktop API, Windows Services, default system policies and how to programmatically change them, differences in…


Special Holiday Episode of MSDN TV

Don Box and Chris Anderson demo the basics of writing custom layout code in Avalon. There is also a rendition of a classic holiday poem at the end of the episode.   -James (Cal. State University, Long Beach)


Blogging required in a Northwestern course

Nitish comments on a course at Northwestern requiring students to blog. Would you be interested in taking a course like this, using the experience of blogging as a learning tool about society? (Side question – that course will use WordPress. What engines do you normally use for any school-related blogs?) -Kevin


Imagine Cup Algorithm Invitational Update

The Imagine Cup team is soliciting user feed back based on two UIs that will be used for the Algorithm Invitational of the Imagine Cup. Check out the post here from Shreyas. –Eric (Grand Valley State University)