Today’s talk on writing for MSDN Magazine

Thanks to everyone who came to my talk today on writing for MSDN Magazine.  I hope you all enjoyed it and will consider submitting proposals in the near future.  In the meantime, since my slides from today are almost identical to the slides Josh Hoffman and I used yesterday in our joint presentation on writing…


Q&As from today’s talk

Josh and I received some good questions today in our TechEd 2007 talk on writing for MSDN Magazine and TechNet Magazine.  Here are the answers to a few of the questions that were asked.  We’ll post again with more questions (and answers) from the week as we receive them.  Thanks for being interested! Q: If I…


Slides for TechEd 2007 Presentation

Josh and I just finished giving our first TechEd 2007 talk on writing for MSDN Magazine and TechNet Magazine.  If you’re interested in those slides, we’re posting them as an attachment to this blog entry.  Enjoy! -Stephen TechEd 2007 – LNC05 Slides.pptx


TechEd 2007, Here We Come

Several members of the MSDN Magazine and TechNet Magazine staff will be at TechEd this week.  If you’ll be there, swing by the MSDN or MSDN Magazine booths to say hi.  In addition, Josh Hoffman and I will be presenting several lunch sessions on writing for the magazines, which you should definitely attend if you’re…


MIX Day 1

I won $50 tonight after an hour and a half at the blackjack table! I was really impressed with my sessions today.  The highlights for me were the demos in Visual Studio Orcas (Beta 1 is now available for download). There are some amazing features in Orcas. If you’ve read our Javascript article in the…


MIX Day 0.5

Hi, this is Mike Richter, website manager and developer for MSDN Magazine. I knew right away that MIX was going to be amazing when I got stuck behind Flavor Flav while trying to get off the plane in the Las Vegas airport. Having never been to Vegas, it’s all new to me, with each hotel,…


TechEd 2007 Talks

Joshua Hoffman, my counterpart over at TechNet Magazine, posted today about some of our TechEd 2007 plans.  He and I will be doing several lunchtime sessions on how to go about writing for and getting published in MSDN Magazine and TechNet Magazine.  If you’ll be at the conference, I definitely encourage you to come to the…


Developing for Windows Vista

For those of you unable to make it to DevConnections in Florida this week, there is some terrific content being presented by some great speakers.  Today was “Microsoft day” (meaning all of the sessions were presented by Microsoft employees), and this morning I got to see Jono Wells, a product manager at Microsoft who works…


See you at DevConnections

Are you going to DevConnections this week in Orlando?  If so, see you there.  I’ll be presenting several sessions on development topics related to Windows Vista. -Stephen


Day 3 at SD West: Web 2.0 Interface Design

I’m taking in a morning session, “Effective Web 2.0 Interface Design Patterns,” being presented by James Hobart. It’s an interesting demonstration of pitfalls of Ajax-based application design and how to avoid them. The most important part of any interface design is flow. James listed eight attributes of good flow when performing a task. Clear goalsConcentrating…