Developer Guide: Working with Windows Phone and the Cloud

The good folks over at Microsoft Patterns & Practices are up to their old tricks again, this time releasing a useful publication aimed at Windows Phone developers. Titled Developing an Advanced Windows Phone 7.5 App that Connects to the Cloud, the guide leads you through creating a Windows Phone 7.5 app that integrates with remote Windows Azure-based services.

Aimed at more advanced developers, the step-by-step guide helps developers explore push notifications and background tasks, learn about transferring data with a cloud service, discover how to handle authentication and transfer data with a cloud service, and a whole lot more. The e-book will teach you how to design and implement advanced apps for Windows Phone that provide a great user experience and take advantage of remote services to obtain and upload data.

You can access the content at the guide’s Patterns and Practices page, or download the content directly in PDF format. You can also download a code sample that illustrates how to build an application for Windows Phone that interacts with backend services hosted in Windows Azure.

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