Script Junkie: Leveraging the jQuery UI Widget Factory with Project Silk

Things continue to hop over at Script Junkie. New to the site is Leveraging the jQuery UI Widget Factory with Project Silk, a feature article by Andrew Wirick that explores how jQuery UI widgets are implemented in a complex Web application. To get his point across, Andrew turns to Project Silk. Created by the folks in the Patterns & Practices team at Microsoft, Project Silk provides guidance for building maintainable, cross-browser Web applications, and addresses large-scale, front-end Web development.

In the article, Andrew highlights the Mileage Stats sample application that is part of Project Silk, showing how the jQuery UI Widget Factory can be used to create stateful plug-ins and widgets -- including application-specific widgets -- for the sample application. He also shows how injecting dependencies enables developers to write testable and decoupled code.

The article is a nice jumping off point for those wanting to learn more about Project Silk. He urges readers to check out the entire book, titled Project Silk: Client-Side Web Development for Modern Browsers. As Andrew writes of Project Silk and the Mileage Stats application: “Taken together, they provide insight and guidance about factors you should consider when creating your immersive, responsive, client-centric Web applications. The book is quite comprehensive, and I encourage you to read it.”

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