MSDN Magazine Web Site Gets an Update

The March issue of MSDN Magazine went live on the first of the month, and brought along with it a few changes to the MSDN Magazine Web site. Scroll down past the print and online features sections, and you'll see our new By the Numbers department. This graph offers a glimpse into the most widely read articles, columns and topics at MSDN Magazine, as well as information culled from MSDN forum searches and other sources here at Microsoft. So each month you can expect to find a new top 10 list of links, such as the rundown this month of the MSDN Magazine articles that earned the most page views in 2011.

As MSDN Magazine Editorial Director Kit George says, the new department is all about human interest. "It's intended to be a lighthearted piece of data for you to muse on if you feel inclined."

A few of you may have also noticed that we tweaked the back issues page. Click the Issues link at the top of the home page, and you now land on a page that presents links to every issue of MSDN Magazine going back to January 2001. No more clicking through to a specific year to find that issue you need.

Finally, you might notice the new Submit an Article link on the home page. If you think you've got a strong article idea you'd like to pitch to us, give the link a click. There you'll find a mailto link for article submissions. More important, you'll find a link to our guide on writing a successful article proposal. Definitely worth checking out before you get started on your article pitch.

More changes and improvements are coming! What would you like to see on the MSDN Magazine Web site? Email me your ideas or leave a comment below.

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