MSDN Library: More Windows Phone 7 Guidance

Last week I mentioned that the MSDN Libraries had posted a few new articles focused on Windows Phone 7 application and game development. Well, there are a couple more Windows Phone-themed how-to articles that you may want to check out.

The first is called Windows Phone 7 -Silverlight & Media, and as the name implies, it focuses on ways you can integrate media into your WP7 applications. In addition to exploring Windows Phone media formats, the article covers how to play media files using Silverlight controls and how to consume video from external Web site sources, playing that media within an application.

Also posted to the MSDN Library site is Windows Phone 7 Data, which explores the advanced data capabilities of Windows Phone 7 and how you can incorporate them into your applications. In addition to learning to access, store, display and work with data in applications, you'll learn how data binding can be used to build advanced user interfaces with minimal coding.

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