A Mango Harvest: Windows Phone SDK 7.1 Released

Microsoft on Tuesday announced that the next version of Windows Phone is en route to customers. As Eric Hautala wrote on the Windows Phone Blog: “This morning, at roughly 10 a.m. Pacific time, we began rolling out the Mango update to phones around the world.”

According to Hautala, Microsoft will be pushing Windows Phone 7.5 to “more than 98 percent” of existing Windows Phone users. You can check the Windows Phone blog for the latest on the deployment.

The next day, Cliff Simpkins on the Windows Phone Developer Blog announced that the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 RTW release is available for download on the Microsoft Download Center. As Simpkins noted: "The Release to Web (RTW) release consists of seven additional release languages, final finishing touches to the tooling experience, a handful of bug fixes, and additional upgrade logic to provide a better installation process for users coming from earlier tools."

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