Third Tech Preview of IE9 available

The third technical preview of Internet Explorer 9 is available now. According to Neowin, the big news in this one is support for the HTML 5 video tag. For my money, this makes the preview a must-download for developers.

I’m also interested in the speed claims; Brandon LeBlanc recently posted a video of IE9 kicking Safari’s butt in some speed tests.

If you’ve been playing with IE9, I’d be interested in hearing from you. Are you finding big speed increases as well? Since this continues to be a major knock against IE – that it’s slower than the competition – this could be a significant upgrade. Let me know what you’re experiencing with IE9.

Keith Ward

Editor in Chief

MSDN Magazine

Comments (2)

  1. Thanigainathan says:

    I already downloaded tech preview. But the UI not seems so nice. I could not find many things there.



  2. Hong-Yat Hsieh says:

    In my machine, IE9pre3 is slower than pre2.

    In Flickr explorer test, when you zoom in the fps drops to 25. When moving mouse, it dorps to 14.

    With pre2, it alwasys 45 ~ 60.

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